Luis enrique could rotar to his men and finish playing with ten by own will

Sandro and Munir claim in the goleada of the Barça (6-1)

Sandro and Munir claim in the goleada of the Barça (6-1)

Published:2/12/2015 - 22:37h


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The FC Barcelona achieved to resolve without problems the pass to the eighth of final of the Glass of the King 2015-16 winning in the Camp Nou to the Villanovense, team to the that however did not attain to bend in the party of gone. Plagado Of acting, this time the Barça himself carburó

Barcelona 6-1 Villanovense - Video summary and goals of the party
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The FC Barcelona started the party in the Camp Nou against the Villanovense with the same intensity that as if it treated of any meeting of League BBVA or UEFA Champions League. The ones of Luis Enrique, conscious that they had to obtain the triumph to advance of the round of dieciseisavos of Glass of Rey, drowned with his traditional pressure the exit of balloon of the group extremeño and, already in the minute two of party, began to scare to the visitors with a first shot of Munir The Haddadi diverted to corner. It would be that the first Barcelona warning, since only two minutes afterwards Dani Alves would commission to première the marker in favour of the FC Barcelona with an authentic whiplash from out of the area. The goalkeeper of the Villanovense, Sources, could have done something more for cutting across the balloon, but the true is that the spherical did an odd in the air and took desprovisto to the guardameta, beaten already in the first five minutes of meeting.

With an eleven plagado of acting and Suárez, Iniesta and Neymar Jr in the bench, to the Barça did not cost him too many efforts arrive with assiduity one and again to the rival area, taking advantage of the fear of a Villanovense that went out too scared to the Camp Nou, no accustomed to play in stadiums so big and in front of an opponent of such entity. Adriano Correia, playing like left interior, caused also true unfit in the rival defence thanks to his thefts of balloon and fast driving, generating some that another corner in favour of the culés.

The Barça, like a stampede in the Camp Nou

To the edge of the ten minutes of game, Sergi Samper was another of which tried it from out of the area, although this time Sources did not have to pull too since the shot went out slightly diverted brushing the left square of the goal of the Villanovense. The Barça, with the 1-0 in the marker, limited to control the possession of balloon and look for new spaces to transform the second goal in the marker, taking advantage of of the low performance of a Villanovense that, after empatar against the FC Barcelona the past 28 October, had accumulated 5 consecutive defeats in Second Division B. Marc Bartra and Thomas Vermaelen formed a solid couple in the saga, whereas Dani Alves and Jeremy Mathieu contributed a big depth in the sides when adding continuously to the attack, supporting to the trident formed by Aitor, Munir and Sandro.

To the ones of Julio Cobos hardly lasted them the possession of balloon, but even so they attained trenzar some dangerous combinations to the edge of the area of Jordi Masip in the first chamber of hour, all they without danger and very resolved by the defence culé. In the minute 17 of party, the Barça would go back to have of a clear occasion of goal, with a confined of Dani Alves that finished with a finish of head of Sandro Ramírez cut across this time yes by Sources. Only a minute afterwards, Munir The Haddadi would take advantage of a counterattack of two for two to execute a soft vaselina above Sources that left slightly diverted and did not finish in the second for the Barça of miracle.

This yes, the second target of the FC Barcelona would arrive very few minutes afterwards, in the 20, thanks to a blunder garrafal of the rival goalkeeper, Sources, that delivered the balloon to Sandro Ramírez to the edge of the area. The Canarian attacker of the Barça, with a big class, defined to perfection fulminando with a shot with thread to the cancerbero and attained of this form his first goal of the season 2015-16, after a lot of attempts fallidos in other meetings of League BBVA and Champions League. The Barça already won 2-0 in the minute 20 of party and the Villanovense saw how exhausted him the hopes to be able to happen of round, an illusion with which sure that the players had been dreaming during several weeks, but that in these moments seemed fed up impossible.

The Barça cancels the illusion of the Villanovense

In spite of everything, when it has faith and motivation there are possibilities that they achieve results. The prize to the perseverance arrived for the Villanovense in the minute 29, with a powerful shot from out of the area of Juanfran that Jordi Masip at all could do for detaining. The Villanovense encouraged after the unexpected goal and went up slightly his lines after the 2-1, but this precisely finished to condemn him two minutes afterwards, when a perfect combination between Aitor Cantalapiedra and Sandro Ramírez finished with a new goal of the Canarian in the party, the second in his particular account. The party was crazy in the first part, but is helped to that the fans amused in front of the influx descontrolada of goals.

The FC Barcelona besieged the rival goal during the last chamber of hour of the first-half and shut to the Villanovense in his own area, causing until three consecutive corners and converting the party in a nightmare for the visitors. The duel, fortunately for the Villanovense, would arrive to the rest with 3-1 in the marker and the eliminatory practically closed for the Barça. The second part began of the same form that the first: with absolute control of the spherical by part of the FC Barcelona and also with a lot of capacity to arrive to the rival area.

The goals fall by his own weight

So much that, in the minute 50 of party, Munir The Haddadi would mark his first goal of the season advancing to the left side of the Villanovense to finish to perfection a centre of Jeremy Mathieu from the left-handed band, sentencing already definitively the pass to ls eighth of final for the Barça. Without despeinarse neither put the accelerator, the culés followed dominating with solvency the meeting and having of  occasions of danger. In the 55, without going more far, Adriano  could mark with a finish to the half turn in the interior of the rival area, but the shot left diverted above the goal of Sources,tired to collect balloons from the bottom of the meshes.

With the public of the Camp Nou doing the wave, the Barcelona team himself decided to go down slightly the ritmor not to convert the crash in a bloodletting of goals and leave escape with some honour to the Villanovense, that in any moment used the hard game and limited to play with his arms and to contest each balloon as if it was the last, with intensity but without violence. The FC Barcelona followed combining between lines and generating played of danger under the big organisation of game of Sergi Samper, dominador absolute of the centre of the field culé.

The Barça plays with 10 by own decision

In the minute 69, Sandro Ramírez would achieve to certify his first "hat-trick" with the T-shirt of the Barça taking advantage of a refuse of the defence of the Villanovense to the penalty spot after a good centre from the band of Sergi Samper. The FC Barcelona followed dominating with clarity the party and, with 5-1 in the marker and in spite of not wanting to do blood, the true is that the opportunities of goal went falling by his own weight.

In the minute 75, Munir The Haddadi would plant his "particular" doublet with a new so much taking advantage of a big taconazo of Sandro Ramírez. 6-1 in the marker and the Villanovense almost shattered anímica and physically, with a FC Barcelona that fortunately could give minutes of rest to some of his main "cracks", as Iniesta, Suárez, Messi, Rakitic and Neymar. To fault of ten minutes for the end Jeremy Mathieu had to abandon the terrain of game by physical problems and Luis Enrique, in spite of that it only had made a change, decided that the Barça played with 10 not to give entrance to any of his "usual headlines". At the end, enésima goleada in favour of a Barça that already is in eighth of the Glass of Rey.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 6-1 Villanovense

FC Barcelona, 6: Masip; Alves (Gumbau, 45'), Vermaelen, Bartra, Mathieu; Samper, Mascherano, Adriano; Sandro Ramírez, Munir The Haddadi and Aitor.
Villanovense, 1: Sources; Trinidad, Wall, Cubi, Super; Pajuelo, Anxo (Curro, 65'), Elías, Juanjo; Jairo (Moraga, 58') and Juanfran )Almost, 77').

Goals of the party: Dani Alves; 4'; Sandro, 20'; Juanfran, 29; Sandro, 31; Munir, 50'; Sandro, 69'; Munir, 75'.
Referee: Pérez Montero.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the turn of dieciseisavos of final of the Glass of the King 2015-16, contested in the Camp Nou.

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