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Simon Critchley: "The Liverpool is now stronger without Coutinho"

Published:24/04/2018 - 16:04h

Updated:24/04/2018 - 17:04h

Simon Critchley, collaborator of the New York Times and The Guardian, has conceded some statements in which it has spoken on the fly of Phiippe Coutinho to the Barcelona, and on how has affected the traspaso so much to the team 'network' as to the Barcelona

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The philosopher and collaborator of the New York Times and The Guardian, Simon Critchley, is a recognised 'fan' of the Liverpool and, as such, has own opinion on the subjects that affect to the actuality of the team of Anfield, that saw this past winter how his ancient big star, Philippe Coutinho, left the English club for fichar by the FC Barcelona, where begins to show that it can be very important.

In an interview conceded to the newspaper 'Sport', has explained what felt when 'Cou' did the cases: "it put Me very sad see like Phil left of Anfield, but the truth is that almost we do not miss it. It is more, the Liverpool is now stronger without him. If you ask after me his influence in the Barça, will say you that it thought that would have a much bigger impact in the team".

"Between Messi, Ronaldo and Suárez, would choose to Suárez. It is my type of player"

The Liverpool, in any case, has known to reconstruct and to these heights finds in a privileged position in the Premier League, between the four first qualifiers, and in some semifinals of Champions League. "I think that right now we are living a moment fantastic. In fact, no memory to the Liverpool playing so well from the period in which had to Luis Suárez in the team", stands out Critchley.

Surely Jürgen Klopp has big part of fault. "Perhaps it was his religious faith, that is something that allows him put the football in perspective. Often we hear that the alone football is a game. It is one of these commonplaces that surround to this sport. But the problem is that it is much more that a game. For me it is a form of life and a way to connect with his deeper questions", philosophises Critchley.

Praises for Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola

"Klopp Is very intuitive treating to the people and behind his usual smile hides a very serious sense of the things. It is an excellent trainer of players, especially with the youngsters", elogia to the German trainer. And also it has undone in praises to Pep Guardiola, that has won the Premier League in style with the Manchester City.

"I think that rather it sees him like a genius of the tactics that has built the best team of the Premier in a lot of anuses, perhaps the best of all times in England. It gladdens me that the Liverpool won them twice in the Champions and once in the Premier League. I think that if a team applies a lot of pressure against the City of Guardiola goes back vulnerable".

Luis Suárez by in front of Messi and Cristiano

And it surprises when ensuring that, between Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suárez, remains with the Uruguayan. "I think that we are living a stage with two of the best players of all time. But personally, between Messi, Ronaldo and Suárez, although it was doing a bit greater, would choose to Suárez. It is my type of player".

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