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Barça's strategy with Ansu to leave behind his 'ordeal' with injuries

Published:24/03/2023 - 18:42h

Updated:24/03/2023 - 18:42h

The technical body of the FC Barcelona has traced a special plan with Ansu Fati with the end to recover his best form. Strengthen the musculature will be key to avoid new injuries

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In the last years, Ansu Fati has presented like one of the best young promises arisen of the quarry of the FC Barcelona. However, the injuries and the complications after the treatments to which has subjected have finished lastrando his progress, to the point that Xavi Hernández has not finished to give him the vote of confidence to have a greater leadership in the team.

From finals of 2020, the Hispanic-guinean has faced difficult moments after subjecting to a surgical procedure and in the process change of doctor when seeing entorpecida his recovery and tuned. Later, recaería owing to other ailments and each true time would see interrupted his advance in front of new physical complications.

The plan of the Barça

In such sense, from the technical body of the FC Barcelona have come contriving a series of actions to avoid this type of relapses. Besides, they have asked him strengthen the muscular mass to avoid like this new setbacks and keep an optimum physical state that allow him a greater regularity on the field of game during the next seasons.

Thus, from beginnings of 2023, the international Spanish, that did his debut mundialista in Qatar 2022, has come making his routines in the gymnasium a pair of times by week to strengthen his muscles, everything under the orientation and follow-up by part of David Pozo, the one who commissions of the works of strength and conditioning in the club, and the preparador physical, Iván Torres.

It put it of Ansu Fati

In the middle of the rumours and speculations that even have linked him to other teams, in addition to the ofrecimientos by part of his representative, Jorge Mendes, Ansu Fati wants to go back to his best form with these routines. The idea is to restart the level that had showed from the year 2020, avoiding like this suffer the consequences of overload them.

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