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Ter Stegen Wants to turn into Oliver Kahn of the Barça

Published:3/02/2018 - 18:20h

Updated:4/02/2018 - 17:49h

The guardameta German of the FC Barcelona, Marc-André Ter Stegen, is radiant for playing in the Barça and wants to follow doing it during a lot of years more. It is had to turn into a legend, as it went it Oliver Kahn in the Bayern Munich

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The extensive interview conceded by Ter Stegen to the newspaper 'Sport' has given for a lot, no only to speak on some of his mates and on the path of the FC Barcelona this season 2017-18, but also on the illusions and memories that have done big to Ter Stegen in the goal of the Barça, where wants to happen a lot of more years to turn into an authentic legend.

Ter Stegen Did not go goalkeeper from the beginning. "It has happened long. Fifteen years ago already of this. My aim always was to put goals, not being in the goal. But after a time accustomed me and liked me a lot the goal, the work of a goalkeeper; therefore I am happy with the way that have visited", explains the cancerbero germano.

"An error is human, therefore I try to treat it of this way, at the end all fail"

His grandfather carried him to the trainings and was a very influential person in him. "A lot, to the equal that my mother. They carried me always to the trainings; it gave the same that it rained or nevase. But never they put a lot in the day in day out of the football because, at the end, the one who decided if it played or did not play was the trainer. Never me presionaron and this helped me a lot".

His brother, Jean Marcel, helped him to form like footballer and always urged him to kick with the two legs. "Yes, he is six years old more than me and helped me a lot to form me. With two or three years begin playing near of our house in a space of garages that there was".

When it tested it, it liked him be goalkeeper. "It liked me. To the other did not like them so much, but to me always liked me try stop, be put between balloons, struggle by everything, liked me all this. Therefore I decided to put me in the goal. It did not want to go me of the club, neither at all like that. It began me to like how treated me like goalkeeper. They said me always 'you have done it enough very'".

Ter Stegen Always thinks in improving

And it explains how it faces the errors when they produce . "An error is human, therefore I try to treat it of this way, at the end all fail. Always there are things that can improve . I always want to avoid the failures. There are things of concept; if it is a failure of concept is different to a failure that arrives because you have taken too many risks, in this case yes that they can avoid the errors".

To remove pressure of on and face the problems, likes him speak it with the people that surrounds him. "Each one has a different personality. To me, for example, it likes me speak with my people. For example when I am home with my woman. To her it does not interest him a lot the football, but lives it like something personal and this helps me enough. As I am with her all day, it helps me a lot in this sense".

Always it has mentioned to Oliver Kahn like influence, and the true is that Ter Stegen resembles he regarding mentality in the FC Barcelona. "Yes, especially by his mentality. Never desconectaba did what did. Claro that it mattered him fail, but never perceived that it affected him personally. Like this I see it I also: a thing is the personal life and another is what occur you in the football".

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