The white sanctuary will whistle him by his words of gratitude to kevin roldán

The Bernabéu will receive to Hammered like the Camp Nou to Luis Figo

The Bernabéu will receive to Hammered like the Camp Nou to Luis Figo

Published:19/11/2015 - 12:11h


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One of the players of the FC Barcelona more hated by the Real Madrid, Gerard Hammered, will live a full afternoon of whistles in Santiago Bernabéu the Saturday to the 18.15 hours. The white sanctuary would be preparing him a recibimiento "special", sabedor that this "puts him"

The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

As it has informed the "Daily Goal", when seeming in Santiago Bernabéu are preparing a recibimiento of the most special "" to Gerard Hammered when it jump to the terrain of game and also during all the party. The Catalan defender of the FC Barcelona will receive an avalanche of whistles along the ninety minutes mainly because of the controversial words that pronounced during the celebration of the triplete of the Barça the past month of June, when it thanked Kevin Roldán -the singer that acted in the party of Cristiano Ronaldo and afterwards filtered the photographies through the social networks- for causing the crisis madridista that allowed to the culés take distances in the League.

This, joined to the feeling catalanista that always has had Gerard Hammered, has caused the situation of continuous whistles that the footballer is used to to receive in the parties of the Spanish selection, and that it will be even more candente in Santiago Bernabéu against the eternal rival.

In the social networks, in fact, a lot of fans madridistas begin to compare the future recibimiento of Hammered in the Bernabéu this next Saturday with which had Luis Figo in Barcelona, although the main difference is that the Portuguese emigrated of the City Condal to form part of the team of the eternal rival in the year 2000 in return of several millions by season.

It expects , in this sense, that the Commission Antiviolencia was very pending of all the chants that pronounce in the Bernabéu against of Gerard Hammered, Leo Messi and the FC Barcelona in general lines, sanctioning them when it was pertinent and controlling also each one of the banners that exhibit . It expects that they do it in the Bernabéu, because in the Camp Nou also will do it.

I hammered: "The of Kevin Roldán was amused"

After they have criticised him by up and by down and that from Madrid do not leave him happen neither one, the central of the FC Barcelona Gerard Hammered went back to speak for the program of Channel Plus "Space Reserved" on the reference in the celegración of the title suspender belt that did to the Colombian singer and to the party home of Cristiano Ronaldo after the whites lost 4-0 in front of the Athletic of Madrid. Also it spoke of the solidarity of Neymar Júnior inside the team and of the whistles when it plays with the Spanish selection.

"I am still thinking that it was something very funny and fun that will remain for ever, while there is respect and do not abuse to anybody", affirmed Hammered in clear reference to his quotation to Kevin Roldán. Besides, the defender adds that "there is not at all bad in putting small puyas to the rival" and that the his "was not a lack of respect". Also it was asked the Catalan by as they will receive him in the feudo of the rival maximum to what answered the following: "The public of the Bernabéu is very respectful, never has happened at all odd".

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