Sergio Busquets, in one of the entrenos of this season

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The one who want to Sergio Busquets that it pay 200 "kilos"

Published:18/05/2016 - 09:54h

Updated:18/05/2016 - 09:54h

The FC Barcelona will fulfil with the commitments with his footballers regarding the renewal of the hard core of the team. Sergio Busquets is one of these and the next week will see increased his wage, length of agreement and clause of rescission

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The midfield player of the FC Barcelona Sergio Busquets well has deserved an improvement of his agreement after being the man that has sustained to the team in the half. An indispensable footballer that when it does not find well the team notices it and that the Barça values like one of the big cracks of the staff. It is thus that, to the equal that Neymar Júnior, his agreement also is about to to improve.

Like this it promised him to the footballer and to his agent does some months and like this will do , stands out this Wednesday the Catalan press. Although it does time the own footballer affirmed that it did not know at all by part of the club of his contractual improvement, the entity blaugrana would have exchanged with his representative Josep Maria Orobitg different proposals of improvement but without arriving to seat to negotiate.

A meeting that will take place just after it finish the season, withl to final of Glass of the King in front of the already contested Seville. Everything indicates to that club and footballer will hold a conversation definite the next week to reach a principle of agreement that will not be ratified until first of July, when it will do the signature and oficializará everything. This is due to that in this month begins the new economic course.

The will of both is the same, that the player follow of Barcelona. The Barça will offer him the possibility that his emolumentos remain the height of Iniesta and Hammered, increasing one or two years his agreement that expires in 2019 and going up his clause of rescission of the current 175 millions to the 200 or even more. A figure that antoja prohibidísima and with which wants to scare , once and for all, to the vultures of the market.

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