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The rapapolvo of Gerard Hammered denying that it went to 190km/h

Published:20/05/2017 - 18:22h

Updated:20/05/2017 - 20:36h

Gerard Hammered has said suffices and through his account of Twitter has taken advantage of to load against part of the press that has spread a false news published by a half English saying that it had been fined for going to 190km/h

Tickets for FC Barcelona matches

Gerard Hammered has denied the informations of "Mirror" in which it offered some photos of the Barcelona with the Mossos of Esquadra and ensured that the footballer had been fined for driving to 190km/h. The sanction, besides, involved a loss of six points of the carnet to drive.

"Now I will explain you as it works big part of the press nowadays: A paparazzi does you a photo speaking with the Mossos d'Esquadra. The paparazzi invents that it went to 190km/h and that took me out 6 points of carnet to be able to sell the photos by 1.500 euros. All lie", relates Hammered.

The Catalan, visibly got angry, follows his explanation: "A half English buys the photos without mattering him the veracity of the history. The mayoria of means of this country spread the notícia without corroborating the information. Everything to obtain more clicks. The damage already is fact and anybody does at all to change this dynamics", continues.

Finally, I Hammered, always had to go further, explains that it will create a media: "My aim in the next months is to create a media that was different, truthful, authentic and of the players. I am fed up".

The Mossos also affirm to not to have him reported

The string of tweets of Gerard Hammered has had also answer by part of the Mossos d'Esquadra, that in his account of Twitter official have confirmed that they have not done any complaint to the central Catalan. Besides, instan to that it do not give ball to informations no verified. 

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