Laporta, president of the FC Barcelona


The Superliga is a true option for the Barça, but Laporta will respect the decision of the partners

Published:22/04/2021 - 21:34h

Updated:22/04/2021 - 21:47h

Laporta Understands like necessary an alternative road to the already existent in the competition of European clubs, remembering that the final decision will take it the partners of the Barça

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Laporta Finally spoke and the posture keeps on being the same: it is necessary. Some that before all the signed and pactado the clubs, players and executives did not understand well the subject and in fact, many are still in the same point, but also is true that others already begin to understand that inside the already existent business, the roles can change.

And it is the posture of this Barcelona, that does not speak netamente of football or competition, but of need and economic justice for the protagonists, even without saying it, because in front of what could see before and what now is evident after the scared of 10 clubs founders, is not for nothing just at least with the main actors.

The economic reality of the Barcelona invites to think in a stage that do viable the Superliga only by the injection that this deserves, solving several problems that would have in doors from the sportive until the institutional and although it has not been so cutting or of face like Florentino, himself that has left clear that the change is necessary.


The renewal of the Argentinian has to see with the economic in addition to the sportive, because to the margin of what the agreement that expires have marked for Messi, the reality of the club invites to think in a lot of exits to have players of low profile and can not do base without a leader. There would be anybody better for the paper that Lio and with this money, the help would be enormous.

Barça Corporate

The sale of actions of the conglomerate of marks that form the Barça Corporate could brake and avoid that the club share an active so valuable in income and identity like east, by what obviously would be a plus more than considerable to add.


The renewal and restructuring of the staff is main subject in can Barça and with the money of the Superliga would be simpler, since from Halaand until a group of new players, could tackle any operation of way simpler.

To fault of some step or communiqué of forcefulness by part of Real Madrid and Barcelona, Laporta is still in the ship and does not seem to have intentions to go down of form so simple, although always with the premise that the last word will have it the conglomerate of partners.

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