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The unexpected way of Dembélé to adapt to the life in the Barça

Published:19/04/2018 - 22:51h

Updated:20/04/2018 - 03:13h

After turning into a world-wide star in the Borussia Dortmund, to Ousmane Dembélé is costing him something more be notable in the FC Barcelona, but has found his own ways to adapt . The series of television, a bond with his mates

Calendar of FC Barcelona

His first season in the FC Barcelona is coming to an end, and although his feelings have not been too good, the intention is that it was a principle from which can follow advancing. Ousmane Dembélé Has not surrendered in his mission to triumph dress of Barcelona, and has left clear that will find the way to go back to shine.

His problems have not remained only in the terrain of game, but out of them also there have been some problems. For a youngster of his age and with a shy character, arrive to one of the best clubs of the world is not a simple question, and requires some time to assume it and go taking confidence. The French has found his own means.

The series of television, the secret of Dembélé

As it informs the 'Chain Be', the series 'Drug traffickers', that issues through the platform 'Netflix', is one of the favourites of the first Barcelona team, and the Frenchman uses it to improve in his adaptation. In addition to being an important subject of conversation with his mates, results him a help in questions of language, by what with an a priori simple subject, is giving steps to forward in another more complex.

Several sources ensure even that has been his fans to the series the one who also has had a bridge between the forward and some of the promises of the filial, with which has seen him relate in the last weeks. After some months something revolved, Dembélé goes finding, little by little, his new way.

Dembélé Aims high in his second season

Still it has to finish the first, but Ousmane Dembélé already has some aims for his second course in the City Condal. The one of Vernon pretends to have more opportunities in the big parties, and for this does not matter him have to compete with players like Philippe Coutinho and others, as Antoine Griezmann, that could arrive prompt. More than an obstacle suppose him a motivation.

More habituado, so much to the new life in Barcelona as to the demanding system of game culé, the ex of the Dortmund wants to recover the good feelings from the pre-season, a stage that because of the long negotiations by his signing the past summer lost . Has a lot of way by in front, and only he will be able to show if it deserves or no more minutes. It is convinced.

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