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The words of Guardiola on the last rumour between Messi and the City

Published:5/12/2020 - 16:25h

Updated:5/12/2020 - 16:28h

Pep Guardiola, trainer of the Manchester City, referred in a press conference to the words of Carles Tusquets, on the positive that it would be to sell to Messi

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The novel that has generated between Lionel Messi and the Manchester City follows generating quite a lot of chapters, been due to the news that it could be an exit of the Argentinian star, with direction to the English team. The last notable fact on this rumour had been the one of the statements of Carles Tusquets, president of the Managing Board that finds in command of the FC Barcelona of provisional way, the one who said that it had been desirable to sell to the player, of face to improve the economy of the club.

Apropos the words of Tusquets, Pep Guardiola, trainer of Sky Blues" was asked in the previous press conference to the next day of the Premier League of England. The exentrenador of the Barcelona and the Bayern Munich ensured not being centred in the rumours on the possible incorporation of the Argentinian to the team that at present directs and even denied to speak of the subject.

"Messi? Only I think in the Fulham. I do not go to answer at all on other clubs", went the cutting words of Guardiola, in reply to the question made by the press on all the novel that surrounds to the City and to the rosarino. It will not remain more than expecting to that it happen the time and finish to manage the subject, by what do case to the rumours will keep on being totally useless.

Guardiola, centred in improving the situation

The answer of Pep Guardiola when being asked on the rumours that surround to Messi and on the last words of Carles Tusquets, is totally intelligible. The Catalan trainer does not need to distract to himself same neither to his staff with said situation, since both parts have to centre in improving the actuality liguera of the Manchester City.

The team "Citizen" finds , provisionally, in the fifth square of the contest British suspender belt, classifying in this moment for the Europe League. This situation forces to Guardiola and to the staff of the City to improve categorically his results, of face to be able to do go up his position in the table and put in the fight by the title.

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