The fc barcelona, elogiado all over the world after winning the world-wide of clubs

The world-wide press fell surrendered to the feet of the FC Barcelona

The world-wide press fell surrendered to the feet of the FC Barcelona

Published:20/12/2015 - 17:03h


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The covers of the most prestigious newspapers to national and international level covered of praises to the Barça after the achievement of the World-wide of Clubs 2015. From "Supremacia World-wide" to "with the genii can not ", some of the headlines more impactantes

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The FC Barcelona won and well to River Plate in the final of the World-wide of Clubs 2015 and hoarded all the covers and praises habidos and for having. The Barcelona were subject of quotation in almost all the digital newspapers of the world, but to continuation can check the reactions in the most important like "Mark", "Sport", "Olé" or "L'Instrument" French. And if there is a word that repeats in many of them is the one of supremacia, that shows what is at present the Barça in the world of the football: upper.

Inside this cataract of praises the following have been the most stood out:

Spanish press

Newspaper Marks: The sportive newspaper titled to all page with "World-wide Supremacy", doing marked quotation to the goleada realziada by the Barça to River and concluded with a headline of cronica that prayed the following: "The kings of the world".

Daily ACE: "The Barça already has his repóker", titled the "ACE" that informed on the important that was Leo Messi for the game blaugrana and that the final lasted until Messi did magic. And it considered that the final lasted what took Messi in annotating the first so much. By his part, the

Newspaper Sport:  the cabecera Catalan opens his cover with a conclusive "Champions of the World!!", signed by his director Lluis Mascaró in front of what added that "the FC Barcelona closed a 2015 almost perfect when proclaiming champion of the world of clubs and add a repóker of titles. Only it failed in the Supercopa of Spain with big resources tipográficos and a ?Champions of the World!!!".

Sportive world: The last important sportive newspaper of the state panorama puts in his cover a "Tricampeones of the world!, to add later that Luis Suárez has been chosen MVP of the party and Balloon of Gold of the tournament,

International press

Newspaper Olé: Always faithful to his imagination and good game of word, the Argentinians go out with a "With the genii can not ", speaking on the trident and adding that "River went out him to play of the same to the same big part of the party, could not with the cracks Barcelona".

Daily Bugle: "The Barcelona of Messi went too much for the illusion of River Plate. The team of Gallardo left a good image by the made in the first time".

"Barcelona showed his hierarchy [...] The ones of Marcelo Gallardo held and showed order in the primertiempo in front of a rival that afterwards did to weigh the quality of his players".

Newspaper The Press: "Barcelona showed that there were not equivalences and finished with the illusion of River".

"River Plate received this morning an unappealable goleada of Barcelona 3 to 0 in the International Stadium of Yokohama and resignó his aspiration to top champion of the World-wide of Clubs of the FIFA, that remains like pending account for the Argentinian teams".

The Chronicle: "Barcelona did not have mercy and danced to River. With a so much of Messi, accommodating the ball with the right arm, and two of Luis Suárez, the Barça goleó to the 'Millionaire'. The Catalan cast hizp weigh his individualities in front of a team without answers".

Gazzetta dello Sport:  The intaliano speak that the FC Barcelona finds "in the peak of the world", doing a review to the five titles that achieved in this 2015.

L?It instrument: "Teachers of the football", titles in reference to the Barcelona and to his third world-wide crown.  In relation to the Barcelona command and to the third world-wide crown.

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