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Try these healthy snacks to enjoy Barça games!

Published:22/04/2024 - 15:36h

Updated:22/04/2024 - 15:36h

See to the FC Barcelona from the sofa of house is surely the best plan for all the culés that can not go to the stadium and there is not at all better that 'hammer' to complete the experience of the own party

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The Barça is més that a club, so we deserve something more than palomitas or potatoes fritas to see his parties, does not seem you? We go to suggest you some recipes to give him something of taste to your palate and to surprise to your friends with new flavours when you gather you to see to the ones of Xavi. Besides, for those who already surpass the treintena, have ensured us to choose healthy and full appetizers of nutrients. It chooses your favourite!

Palitos Of zanahora with hummus

An option genial are the palitos of carrot and celery with hummus. They are easy to do and are full of flavour! First, you go to need a few cool carrots and celery crujiente. Wash them well and cut them in palitos of the suitable size to wet. You do not concern you by the form, the important is that they are smart to submerge in the delicious hummus that go to prepare!

Now it comes the fun part: do the hummus. If you want to do it from zero, only need a tin of chickpeas, juice of lemon, tahini, garlic, salt and a chorrito of oil of olive. If you prefer something faster, can buy hummus in the shop and smart. It serves the palitos of carrot together with a bowl of hummus and to enjoy of the party! To save even more, remembers that you can achieve the ingredients for these appetizers to the best price reviewing the brochure Day.

Mini sándwiches Of turkey and cheese

The mini sándwiches of turkey and cheese are a perfect appetizer to enjoy of the parties of the Barça without feeling us culprits afterwards. To start with, it achieves integral bread fresco, slices of turkey magro, low cheese in fat and some leaves of cool spinach. Now, simply it arms the mini sándwiches planting a slice of turkey, one of cheese and some leaves of spinach between two pieces of bread.

If you want to give them a touch extra of flavour, can add a bit of mustard or light mayonnaise. The key is in using cool and healthy ingredients so that you can enjoy without remorses. Besides, you can prepare them with anticipation and leave them in the fridge until they arrive your friends, so no only are delicious, but also very practical!

Rollitos Of cucumber with salmon

The rollitos of cucumber with salmon ahumado are a cool option that surely will love you. To start with, you will need cool cucumbers and crujientes, as well as slices of salmon ahumado of high quality. When you have it all smart, short the cucumber in throw fine using a pelador of vegetables or a sharp knife. Afterwards, it plants a slice of salmon ahumado in each throws of cucumber and roll them up firmly.

You can ensure the rollitos with a palillo of teeth if necessary. The contrast between the freshness of the cucumber and the softness of the salmon ahumado creates a delicious and elegant snack that surely will impress to your invited. It serves the rollitos in a beautiful tray and prepare you to receive a lot of praises by this healthy and sophisticated appetizer!

Chips of Kale

The chips of kale horneados always cause a big feeling. They are crujientes, sabrosos, and are full of nutrients! To prepare them, will need some cool leaves of kale, oil of olive and salt. It begins precalentando your oven to a low temperature. In the meantime, lava well the leaves of kale and dry them entirely. Afterwards, it withdraws the tallos and short the leaves in pieces smaller.

It plants the leaves in a tray for hornear and rocíalas with a bit of oil of olive. Espolvorea With salt to the taste and ensure you that they are very covered. Hornea The leaves of kale in the oven precalentado until they are crujientes –will take some 10-15 minutes–. When they are smart, withdraws the chips of kale of the oven and leave them cool before serving. You can accompany them with a sauce of Greek yoghourt and lemon for a touch extra of flavour.

Hummus Of beetroot

But wait, that still have more hummus! What such a bit of hummus of beetroot? It begins peeling and cutting the beetroots baked in small pieces. Afterwards, in a liquidiser or processor of foods, mixes the beetroots with the chickpeas escurridos, the tahini, the garlic hammered, the juice of lemon, a pinch of salt and a chorrito of oil of olive.

It processes everything until obtaining a soft mix and cremosa, adding a bit of water if necessary to attain the consistency wished. If you already have the hummus smart, serve it in a beautiful dish and decorate it with a chorrito additional of oil of olive and some seeds of sesame if you wish it. It accompanies the hummus with claves of cool vegetables like carrots, celery and cucumber, or with bread pita integral toasted.

The parties of the Barça will happen to have a new dimension with these appetizers! Already it was with Xavi in the bench or with the Mexican Rafa Márquez –an option that goes winning whole between the directive–, the true is that you deserve you enjoy of the parties with something delicious and healthy to carry you to the mouth. Sure that these appetizers will serve you!

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