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Victor Font: "They are challenging the democratic rights of the partners"

Published:27/10/2020 - 10:33h

Updated:27/10/2020 - 20:32h

Víctor Font, one of the precandidatos to the future elections to the presidency of the entity blaugrana, has reacted like this to the words of Bartomeu about the vote

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The appearance of Josep Maria Bartomeu the past Monday, in which it left clear that did not have thought to resign (although it has finish it doing), generated a big stir between the precandidatos to the next elections. Besides, the current president pretended to prevent that it celebrated the referendum of the vote of censorship, what was a shame for some possible future presidents, as for example Jordi Farré, impulsor of the motion of censorship.

Farré Was not the only that expressed his discontent, by enésima time, with the management of the entity barcelonista. Víctor Font, another of the precandidatos for the future elections to the presidency of the club, commented that "the president Bartomeu and his Managerial Board were abusing of the patience and the good faith of the partners and partners of the club".

Of form very explicit, the Catalan employer explained the reason by which the current president did not have to try postpone the referendum, in a strategy to lengthen his mandate: "in democracy, a government that is being argued by a significant quantity of partners, is forced to confirm his legitimacy, by commitment and by decency, of urgent way".

"This Managerial Board has opted, by the contrary, keep in the can presenting complaints in front of the Civil Guard or expecting that the pandemia prevent them vote, although this mean to challenge the democratic rights of the partners", reported with anger Víctor Font, alleging that the Managerial Board, at all times, acted of form little decent.

The excuses of Bartomeu left a lot that wish

The precandidato offered an option that Bartomeu did not contemplate: "Which interests are protecting with this delay. It says that it wants to maximizar the participation and the security of the process, but does not offer the possibility vote telemáticamente. In exceptional situations, exceptional solutions!", it argued Font.

As they affirm the Statutes of the FC Barcelona, the Managerial Board has to oficializar a date for the vote of censorship in a term established. Said term already had finished, by what Bartomeu was breaking the norms of the club. "From morning the Board goes in in an incumplimiento of the Statutes. It is the judicialización permanent of the Club the legacy that want to leave?", it commented during the day of yesterday.

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