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What is happening to Robert Lewandowski?

Published:7/03/2023 - 22:48h

Updated:21/03/2023 - 13:23h

Robert Lewandowski has lowered his level after the World Cup and FC Barcelona is noticing it. The Pole must recover his best level as soon as possible so that the culés 'finish off' LaLiga and the Copa del Rey

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In the last months are accustoming us to a 'unocerismo' worrisome that has several positive appearances, but also some negative. The positive appearance is that we win, by more than have not done it against the Manchester United in any of the two parties of the eliminatory of the Europe League. This eliminatory was a disaster, as so many others in Europe during the last years. But in League and in Glass keep us strong.

Our series of results of the 1-0 inaugurated does a pair of months with several parties where the team is quite dense in attack and was Pedri the one who arrived of second line to mark the goal that gave us the three points. Now, unfortunately, Pedri finds lesionado, and are other players –Raphinha against Valencia, or Militãor (?) Against the Real Madrid– those who attend to the rescue of the team.

But and Lewandowski?

Further that it have been of drop during the last pair of parties, his 2023 is being quite disappointing in comparison with his excellent start during 2022. It expected much less of him during his first months of adaptation to the Barça, and much more now that it already carries something more than time in the team. It would say that after the World-wide of Qatar has finished him the petrol. But this can be a sign of something still worse?

When fichó to Lewandowski, went many the critical voices regarding the cost in a player of 33 years in a context where the club did not leave to accumulate debt. The situation of the team was precarious, but was it even more the situation of the arks of the club. And it did not seem that a player of 33 years went to have a big route in the team, by more than treated of a big star like the Pole.

Lewandowski Rushed to acallar the criticisms affirming that his personalised training is excellent and that his diet find between the best of the world. A lot of fans attended to the Dia supermarkets to do with filetes of loin of cerno marinado always tender with 20% of discount, or with a flan of wayward cheese by alone 1,09 €, in an attempt for imitating the diet of Lewandowski. But it seems that this is not sufficient.

By more than it was following an excellent diet and that adopt all the measures of personal training that consider timely, Lewandowski has the age that has. And, in a team like the Barça –where all the players have to attend to a very high pressure during the greater part of the party–, the physical requirement raisin invoices. Lewandowski Has given a big bajón physical in a particularly demanding season, and this notices .

The World-wide of Qatar supposed a new stone in the shoe for the preparation of Lewandowski, as it has been it for almost all the players of the big teams. In one year of world-wide, is unavoidable that the players concentrate especially in this tournament, and now seems that the tank of petrol of Lewandowski have a lot of less capacity that during the first months of the season.

The Barça is capeando relatively well the storm, however. The Real Madrid is leaving quite a lot of points by the way, although we do not have to forget that they keep in the Champions, whereas we not even are already in the Europe League. And ni at least the all-powerful Manchester City seems to be so invincible as to beginnings of season, when Haaland marked hat-tricks by the Premier like the one who eats crullers.

The case is that it seems that the forward of the Barça does not intimidate to practically anybody. Lewandowski Was ours offensive reference, but from 2023 –and much more now that is lesionado– is not contributing what expects of him. And the problem is not alone of Lewandowski, since, in front of the absence of the Pole, any of the forwards is taking a step forward to save to the team. The one who gave it, in his moment, went only Pedri.

With Dembélé also out of fight, Raphinha was accumulating more and more split in the right band, the position in which it supposes that it has to be more incisive. However, his bagaje in shape of goals and assistances is being very exiguo. Another so much occurs with Ferran Torres, the one who is really generous with his attitude and work, but is not a goleador like the Pole –neither would have to him demand like such–. And Ansu Fati seems that it has left to be he same.

It fits to ask if really Raphinha improvement the performance of players like Abde, for example, especially considering that Abde comes from of the quarry, earns a fraction of what earns Raphinha, is more flexible to the hour to play by both bands, and has much more visited by in front. Abde, in Osasuna, carries 2 assistances in League, one each 341 minutes. Raphinha, in the Barça, carries 4, one each 297 minutes. What will think Deco of all this?

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