Marco Verratti, the ideal signing for the FC Barcelona

The elected by the Barça

Why it is Marco Verratti the ideal signing for the Barça?

Published:2/06/2017 - 21:02h

Updated:2/06/2017 - 21:13h

Although his incorporation can be difficult and even not arriving to give , the midfield player of Paris Saint-Germain Marco Verratti fits to perfection in this FC Barcelona. His would be a signing ilusionante for the Barcelona fans, that sees it apt for the challenge

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The FC Barcelona has to give a hit on of the table in this market of signings. After three years with Luis Enrique, after which recovered the competitive spirit of the team and the inertia to win, the last Barcelona course flame to a change. Although the eleven of gala of the Barça is of guarantees, needs two signings that could help him to give the jump to go back to reign in all the continent.

One of those is Marco Verratti. The international Italian is the perfect candidate to endow to the team culé of a midfield player with hierarchy, with a lot of projection and that it can assume the role of Andrés Iniesta when this needs it. In fact, Marco would be allocated to be his successor in a key position for the new team of Ernesto Valverde. But, why it is apt his signing?

To his 24 years of age, the one of Fished carry a lot of years assuming the responsibility to direct the centre of the field of his respective teams. It did it first in the promotion of the group of the centre of Italy and carries it doing five seasons already in Paris Saint-Germain. Here it has showed you endow of control, has grown and has deployed his all his qualities.

These are a perfect peripheral vision, a big touch of balloon and be able to do a pass of more than 30 metres that can change the game and break the rival defence. And if to all this add him his sacrifice and defensive aptitudes, does that Verratti was the perfect interior for the square blaugrana.

The changing room of the Barça bets by his signing

Besides, according to "MD", the changing room of the FC Barcelona would be loved if the club achieved to bring to Marco Verratti, when treating of a footballer respected by all and each one of the components of the present staff- All they think that by conditions futbolísticas, would improve besides the qualities of the rest of the team when occupying he solito of all the distribution and organisation of the game.

That is a task that from the course of Xavi Hernández deliver for the time being Busquets, Iniesta and Rakitic when they are on the lawn, and that sometimes not even exists in case to connect quickly with the "MSN". Leo Messi also has to go down until the centre of the field in a lot of occasions to organise played dangerous, something that would leave to occur if Verratti fichara by the Barça.

The price, the only possible problem

This yes, his agent Gave Campli would wish to know until where will arrive the FC Barcelona to try convince to the PSG of the signing, since the footballer could not abandoning the Park of The Princes by less than 70-80 million euros. In Paris no them urge ingresar money by traspasos, and besides consider to Verratti like one of the big stars of the team.

In this sense, the price of the signing will be the main hándicap to the hour to dress to Verratti with the Barcelona T-shirt of face to the next season. If the FC Barcelona wishes to incorporate him, in any case, already knows that it will have to do an effort as in his day did with other "cracks" like Neymar Jr and Luis Suárez. And the played, by the way, went out quite well.
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