The one of santpedor explains why could not vote when it was in new york

Guardiola: "The independence of Catalonia will arrive"

Guardiola: "The independence of Catalonia will arrive"

Published:23/09/2015 - 18:18h


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The trainer of the Bayern, Pep Guardiola, conceded an extensive interview to speak on the process independentista that is living Catalonia and explain why decided to join to the coalition 'Junts pel Himself' beside politicians like Artur But and Oriol Junqueras

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In a long and substantial interview conceded to 'The Punt Avui', Pep Guardiola spoke long and tended on the process independentista that is experiencing Catalonia and on the votes of the next 27 September. The one of Santpedor wanted to do a call to the urns, was cual was the vote, to "be able to be" and participate democratically in the suffrage. The trainer of the Bayern Munich, to the one who sometimes ask him in Germany by the Catalan reality, ensured to feel "a bit badly for having been in first United States and now in Germany when all was and is so exciting in Catalonia. Have the feeling that what has lived and will live will be historical and that all this process will not have course backwards".

In any case, has clear that the independence of Catalonia "will arrive sooner or later. Of this am sure, as much as that then Catalonia and Spain will be better". Also it explained why it decided to join to the coalition 'Junts pel Himself'. "Simply because they proposed it to me and answered: forward. Forward as it would have said a lot of people to the one who had proposed it to him".

Increasingly sporty of elite, as in his day did Oleguer, are daring to make public his political postures. "No all are like Oleguer, that is a wonderful example... But it seems me that in this so exceptional situation, through the campaign that set up Xavi Torres, have had a lot of sportsmen that have pronounced with absolute freedom... Of the same way that others have not done it and has not happened at all".

On the results of the elections, besides, signalled that it will be necessary "a big majority. To mó the day afterwards does not produce me any fear if a big majority of people decides it like this, by a lot of that there is the one who think different. The illusion of something new surpasses it all and although I do not have neither idea of numbers, everything is question of credibility. You have to believe you what say ones or others...". "And I I'm sorry like this. The truth, do not know what will happen, but seems me that never it has produced a situation like the current, so exceptional, and what go sucediendo already will go it to us finding. Now we do not vote only the one who will be our president because this already will do it more advance... What vote now is if we want to be, at full speed, what are and that sometimes costs us so much".

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