The fc barcelona will dress a first equipación very traditional

The three T-shirts of the Barça for the next season

The three T-shirts of the Barça for the next season

Published:22/01/2016 - 17:58h


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In spite of being still in the month of January of 2016, already have gone out to the light those that will be the T-shirts of the FC Barcelona for the next season 2016-17. The first equipación will be classical, in the second will dominate the bluish green and, in the third, the purple colour

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The FC Barcelona will return to the vertical bars in the first equipación of the T-shirts that will dress the players the next season 2016-17. We find us still in January of 2016, but the true is that already they have filtered to the media the three equipaciones that will dress the culés to the orders calm Luis Enrique, with a first T-shirt that will go back to the traditional vertical bands of blue colour and grana, without too many florituras neither yellow folds.

Only the blue colour and the grana, with the logo of Qatar Airways of white colour in the centre, the shield in the breast, the mark "Nike" in yellow and, in the centre, the shield of champions of the world. The second equipación and the third will be practically identical, with the only difference of the colour.

And it is that the second equipación will be of a bluish green colour, with ones touch of blue blue colour more intense in shape of small placed bands in the zone of the shoulders, and the logo of "Nike" of the same blue colour. The third equipación, instead, will be even more showy. Purple colour practically in all his whole, with bands in the shoulders of intense pink colour and the logo of "Nike" also of the same colour rosáceo.

For the moment, the first models of T-shirts plant to "Qatar Airways" like main sponsor of the T-shirt, although it could not to be it in the case that they do not arrive to an agreement in the next days with the FC Barcelona. As it can see in the image, the third T-shirt that will use the Barcelona will be of purple colour in T-shirt, trousers and half, with the senyera in the interior of the zamarra. Also it will combine pink details. Instead, the second equipación also wants to commemorate to which carried the team in 1992 going back to the same turquoise colour of the period.

The first will recover the vertical lines in place of the horizontals, that so much controversy created the past season when they gave to know, causing a big rejection by part of some sectors of the fans. Instead, this time will be inspired by the T-shirt that the club carried the year in which it won his first Glass of Europe in Wembley, in 1992.

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