Leo Messi, winner of six Balloons of Gold


The analysis of the six historical Golden Balls of Leo Messi

Published:3/12/2019 - 10:33h

Updated:3/12/2019 - 10:44h

Leo Messi has already won six Golden Balls in 10 years and has made history in football, becoming the one he has had the most ever. The first one took him in 2009 and, since then, he has won five more

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Leo Messi made history this past Monday when carrying his sixth Balloon of Gold. Anybody has won more than the '10' of the FC Barcelona and of Argentina and who know if somebody will be able to do it some day. The rosarino is a footballer of legend and with this new triumph goes back to show it by enésima time. But all his Balloons of Gold have been distinct and in distinct moments of his career. From the first, in 2009, until this last of the 2019. This is a review, one by one, of the six awards that has the 'crack' in his have.

His confirmation like the best of the world (2009)

In 2007, Leo was third in the Balloon of Gold, by behind Kaká, that carried it to him, and Cristiano Ronaldo. A year later, only the Portuguese surpassed him when winning the Champions League. Then, already it was one of the best, but did not go until the 2009 when all the world recognised him like the best of the planet. The Barça won the triplete and the two Supercopas led by a Messi estratosférico, that took the relief of Ronaldinho in the ship culé.

The rosarino marked 38 goals and 18 assistances that cost him the prize. Cristiano Ronaldo was still in him the second place, after losing the final of League of Champions against the Barcelona of the '10'. Xavi Hernández was third and Andrés Iniesta, chamber, in a gala with marked Barcelona colour.

The Balloon of Gold more blaugrana (2010)

In the year of the conquest of the World-wide by part of Spain and of the triplete of the Inter of Milan, Messi went back to heave the Balloon of Gold. The podium completed it Andrés Iniesta, second, and Xavi, third, in a legendary day for the barcelonismo and for the Masia. The Barça carried only the League, but the 47 goals and the 17 assistances of the forward were sufficient reasons to give him the award.

There was quite controversial by this victory in his day, since many had given him the prize before to Xavi or Iniesta, that won the same that he and, besides, were keys in the Spain champion of the world. Others bet by Wesley Sneijder, that was stood out in the triplete of the Inter and was key in the Holland subcampeón of the world. The Dutch finish chamber in this FIFA Balloon of Gold. It is necessary to remember that it was the first time that France Football joined with the FIFA and merged the prize.

The triplete of Balloons of Gold (2011)

Messi was imparable and in the 2011 went back to conquer another Balloon of Gold more. It was the third consecutive and of this way equalised the record of Michel Platini between 1983 and 1985. The Barcelona did with the League, the Champions, the Supercopa of Spain and the World-wide of Clubs, with 53 targets and 24 passes of goal of the '10'. A historical year that had to finish with this new award that accredited him like the best of the world once again. Cristiano Ronaldo tried to follow him the step, but went back to finish second. Xavi was third and reached again the podium.


Messi makes history (2012)

Anybody had won four Balloons of Gold followed until it did it Read in the 2012. The rosarino led to the Barcelona this course in League, although it did not remain to the doors in Glass and Champions, where the Barcelona were deleted in 'semis'. Messi finish the campaign with some historical registers, 73 goals in 60 parties, in addition to 29 assistances. Some statistical apabullantes of the best of the world that cost him this trophy. Cristiano remained second a year more and Iniesta happened to Xavi and finish third. The one of Terrassa went out of the podium and finished in the fourth place.

Turn to the peak with the fifth (2015)

In 2013, for the first time in five years, Cristiano Ronaldo snatched him the Balloon of Gold to Messi. The luso did with his second award, although Frank Ribery, that was third, had won the triplete with the Bayern of Munich. The French did a fantastic course and believed to deserve the prize, but the '7' of the Madrid finish imposing with 55 goals and 13 assistances in this course and a beginning of campaign 13-14 of crazy. This season, the Madrid won at last his tenth Glass of Europe, with Ronaldo that surpassed the 50 goals and went back to win another Balloon of Gold, the third of his career. Leo finished again second, by in front of Manuel Neuer, champion of the World with Germany.

After two years going of empty, in the course 2014-2015 arrived a new triplete to Can Barça and, with him, another Balloon of Gold for Messi. The Argentinian led beside Neymar Jr and Luis Suárez to the Barcelona in another year of legend for the club. It marked 58 goals and gave 28 assistances to remain above Cristiano Ronaldo and of Neymar in the final vote.

The return of the best of the history (2019)

The Real Madrid was the big victorious the seasons 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and in the 2017-2018 when winning three Champions League followed. This milestone in the history of the football catapulted to Cristiano Ronaldo to the Balloon of Gold in 2016 and 2017 for empatar to Messi to five prizes. Modric Carried the one of 2018, in spite of the incredible numbers of Messi or even the ones of Cristiano, that went back to reign in Europe.

The level of Leo all these years kept , but the Barcelona did not accompany him and this prejudiced his paper in all these Balloons of Gold. But this has changed this campaign, since the '10' has gone back by the big door and has made history when carrying the sixth of his career. Only Cristiano Ronaldo could remove him already the record to be the one who more has won, although the luso does not seem to be in conditions to compete of you to you with the rosarino right now. The Barça aspires to win the Champions this course and, if it attains it, who know if his captain could go back to raise another trophy inside a year.

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