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The last aclaratoria of the IFAB with regard to the hands that are infringement

Published:20/05/2021 - 01:56h

Updated:20/05/2021 - 01:56h

The new norms will apply from the next 1 July and the competitions that begin in June, like the Eurocopa, will be able to adhere if they want to

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After a season convulsa with the subject of how sanction the hands in each party, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which is organism commissioned to determine the rules of the fútbol, has decided to simplify his rule in relation to when it has to signal a hand like fault.

In this regard, the authority futbolística has decreed that "no all the contacts of the balloon with the hand or the arm constitute infringement". Besides, it leaves in three the supposed cases that establish when will be able to sanction a hand, what involves a considerable simplification of the norm.

One of the last controversies with regard to said rule vió in the party that contested the players of the Real Madrid and the Athletic of Madrid. The referred norm, establishes that the player will commit infringement if:

  1. It touches the balloon of voluntary way with the hand or the arm, for example, doing a movement in direction to the balloon with these parts of the body;
  2. It touches the balloon with the hand or the arm when the hand or the arm position of unnatural way and achieve that the body occupy more space. It will consider that a player has achieved that his body occupy more space of unnatural way when the position of his hand or arm was not consequence of the movement of his body in this concrete action or can not justify by said movement. When planting his hand or arm in said position, the player risks to that the balloon strike this part of his body and this suppose an infringement;
  3. It marks goal in the goal opponent (directly with the hand or the arm -even if the action produces of accidental form-, included the guardameta; or immediately after the balloon touch him in the hand or the arm, even of accidental way)".

With said changes, the IFAB deletes the exceptions in the hands like the rebounds and incide in the voluntariedad or no of the player to the hour to penalise a hand in full party.

Parts of the arm and offside

What has not arrived to change, is on which part of the arm considers an infringement like hand or no. It keeps , then , that the inferior part of the shoulder is a valid resource, whereas if it touches the balloon with another part of the arm will be able to sing the fault by hand. In relation with this point, the subject changes when determining if a player is in position of offside or no, as they will not have in consideration the hands neither the arms of the players and will take like reference the armpit.

"With the end to determine with clarity the infringements by offside, the upper limit of the arm coincides with the inferior point of the armpit", esgrime in the point 1 of the norm of the offside. The change of rule will do valid on 1 July, but the competitions that begin before, like the Eurocopa, will be able to apply the new norms of immediate form if like this they decide it

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