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The Athletic hallucinates by the referee's campaign of the Real Madrid afterwards of the hand of Militao

Published:10/05/2021 - 18:02h

Updated:10/05/2021 - 19:12h

From the breast of the institution of the Athletic of Madrid remember that in both actions, the VAR hit when rectifying the action with base to the current regulation

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A wave of criticisms and praises, surprise and indignation to equal parts, has desatado after the collection of the penal signalled in favour of the Seville by a hand in the area committed by Militao, in the crash of this Sunday between the Andalusian picture and the Real Madrid. Said action repercutió in the result (2-2), and prevented him to the ones of Zinedine Zidane conquer the leadership of LaLiga.

In this subject, the Athletic of Madrid has also something what say. In first instance because the title suspender belt is at stake and is it to him contesting with his neighbour and rival capitalino. And, especially, because from the 'satellites of communication' madridistas is trying compare a pair of distinct actions, to justify the false feeling that there was a species of plot against the Real Madrid from the referee's point of view.

It is important to clear that they have generated multiple comparisons between the penal signalled to Militao by his hand in front of the Seville that derived in the 1-2, and the one who committed Felipe Augusto Monteiro in the derbi Athletic-Real Madrid, that was not penal. In both played, the VAR was key for the taking of decisions that sentenced the party.

From the institution colchonero remembers that in the two played the VAR hit. As far as it contemplates right now the regulation, hit. The norm perhaps was not of the like of many in this moment, the interpretation or spirit of the game, but with base to the regulation such as it is structured today day, the hand of Felipe was not penalti and the one of Militao undoubtedly yes went it.

The regulation contemplates the following: "it will commit infringement the player that touch the balloon of voluntary way with the hand or the arm, included the movement in direction to the balloon with these parts of the body; it mark goal in the goal opponent directly with the hand or the arm —even if the action produces of accidental form—, included the guardameta; immediately after the balloon touch him to him or to a mate of team in the hand or the arm, even of accidental way".

On the position of the arm

The one who "mark goal in the goal opponent (understands with the hand); it generate an occasion of goal; it touch the balloon with the hand or the arm when the hand or the arm position of unnatural way and achieve that the body occupy more space; the hand or the arm situate above the height of the shoulder or further ofeast , unless it play first the balloon of voluntary way with another part of the body, and afterwards touch east in the hand or the arm".

That is to say, that in this case does not fit comparison any between the played of Felipe and Militao. As in the case of the footballer of the Athletic, his arm found in natural position and downwards. In the one of the madridista, the arm had it extended, above the shoulder, upwards. Therefore, the VAR hit in the sentences of both played.

"It is alucinante, do not have at all that see the played. On we are in the of always, complain of two tarpaulins of the VAR. How it is possible? They criticise until the tarpaulins. How it is that the VAR decides LaLiga? Neither of far, if it takes two decisions and hits...", they regret in the club colchonero with regard to this campaign of designations to the referees that has developed after the party in front of the Seville.

Fear to the repercussions

In the institution rojiblanca fears that it affect to the next arbitrations, well was of the Real Madrid or of the own Athletic, that has a lot at stake. It is important to remember that the picture colchonero, of institutional way already had complained of the campaign madridista after the derbi of the Metropolitan, in which it tried put pressure.

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