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Dard of Mourinho to Özil: "And who has said that he interests to us?"

Published:14/01/2021 - 19:00h

Updated:14/01/2021 - 19:00h

The Portuguese and the German have already starred other controversial episodes when they coincided in the Madrid. Özil affirms in his biography that he have received insults of the coach

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Mesut Özil Continues giving of what speak, in spite of not being going through a good moment in the field with his club, the Arsenal. The team 'gunner', with which does not see action from March, has not taken it in account to contest the Premier League. Even already it has begun to consider his course to other leagues, like the Turkish or the American, to contest his last seasons like active player.

By means of interactions in the social network Twitter, the German was tackled by an user called Jimmy Chilides, the one who asked him if it preferred to withdraw or go to the Tottenham if this went the only club in doing him an offer. Özil Did not doubt in answering that it would opt for abandoning his career like footballer before that soldier with the Spurs, a possibly based affirmation so much in one of the greater rivalries of the English football, staged in the Derbi north of London, as in his strong discussions with the Portuguese.

José Mourinho did not have problems in soltar an own answer of his style. In a press conference, the technician of the Tottenham, with the one who coincided during his go through the Real Madrid, was consulted on his comments, to what answered «And who has said him that we want to ficharlo?».

You hammer previous

When both coincided in the picture merengue, there were several controversial episodes between the Portuguese and the German. One of them took place in a party of the whites in front of the Depor and has been collected in the biography of the player. In front of his intermittence in the field, Mou asked him if it thought that only sufficed with doing two passes and if it thought that it was so good that with hitting the half of them was sufficient.

Özil Comments that only it remained him walk to backwards in front of the look inquisidora of 'The Special One'. Later, it relates that it received mockeries by part of Mourinho, the one who began to jump like rabbit to say him that that was his form to move in the field when there was a balloon divided.

It was then when it burst and it launched the white T-shirt in front of the technician, indicating him that if it was so well had to dress it and go out to the field. The míster did not take in describing it like a coward and a llorón, in front of what interpreted like a surrender by part of the player, that later went out and excused in front of Sergio Bouquets by the occurred. A history that only went out to the light with the publication of the biographical book.

Another striking fact between both sucedió during the turn of the semifinal of the Champions League in the season 2012-13 in front of the Borussia Dortmund, contested in Santiago Bernabéu. During a kickoff of band in favour of the ones of Klopp, Mourinho took advantage of the vicinity of Marcel Schmelzer to leave him a recado to Özil in German, in place to treat the subject internally as it would do any another technical.

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