The Leeds also pronounced  against the Superliga


An English team fixed position on the Superliga European

Published:20/04/2021 - 05:29h

Updated:20/04/2021 - 10:49h

The players of the English team showed his support to the UEFA and to the Champions with the lemma "Win it to you in the field. The football is for the fans" in rejection to the Superliga

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The reactions against the Superliga European follow multiplying by all the old continent. The last in showing his rejection to the new project and his support to the UEFA and to the Champions have been the footballers of the Leeds United.

The English group, that went to confront this Monday to the Liverpool (one of the clubs founders of the Superliga) have lucido in the warming T-shirts with the logo of the Champions and the lemma "Earn it" (Win it to you in English) to highlight that the new Superliga promoted by the main European teams undoes of the opportunity that would have to have all the teams compete against any one in equality of circumstances and opportunities

In the rear part of the mentioned T-shirts can read also the sentence "The football is for the fans". Besides, in the terracings of the stadium Ellan Road the club has put a banner with the following lemma: "Win it to you in the field. The football is for the fans". In the previous of the party, the fans of the Leeds supported the posture of said club with chants and consign against of the Superliga.

The clubs that would be the founders of the mentioned competition are: The Milan, the Arsenal, the Athletic of Madrid, Chelsea, the Barcelona, the Inter, the Juventus, the Liverpool, the Manchester City, the Manchester United, the Real Madrid and the Tottenham.

Other reactions against

No alone players of clubs have pronounced against of said competition. The own did the authorities of LaLiga Santander. "LaLiga Condemns vigorously the proposal announced of creation of a European competition secesionista and elitist, that attacks the principles of the open competitiveness and of the sportive merit that occupy the deepest of the ecosystem of the national football and European", prays part of the communiqué that made public the past Sunday.

Besides, some footballers have positioned in rejection to the project. Between them: Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United) and Joao Cancel (Manchester City), both footballers of a club that would play the new Superliga European. Fernandes, published in his account of Instagram that "the dreams can not buy".

I cancel, by his part, shared a publication of Daniel Podence, player of the Wolwerhampton, the one who criticised to the Superliga and remembered big moments of the Champions like the volley of Zidane, the goal of Kaká in Old Trafford or the traced back of the Liverpool in Istanbul in front of the Milan in 2005.

You criticise of Guardiola

The current trainer of the City, Pep Guardiola, also loaded against the project in question. "We can not lose the meaning that have the local leagues. It is necessary to improve them, do them stronger. Improve the Premier. That it was a Super Premier. The same that the Championship, the League One. We have to go to the quality and no to the quantity. Perhaps less teams in each competition. You can not kill to the lower categories of the leagues".

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