Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku, ready to arrive to the hands


Ibrahimovic, the most portrayed of all after the controversy with Lukaku

Published:29/01/2021 - 19:33h

Updated:29/01/2021 - 19:34h

"Return to your foolishnesses vudús, small donkey", would have been the words of the Swedish Ibrahimovic that unchained the fury of the Belgian Lukaku, during the match between the Inter of Milan and the AC Milan by the quarter-finals of the Cup

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Finds in the eye hurricane after the encontronazo that sustained with the Belgian Romelu Lukaku, during the 'derbi of the della Madonnina' between the Inter of Milan and the AC Milan, a duel that carried it to him the 'negriazules' 2-1, precisely with goals of the mentioned players and Christian Eriksen, the one who sentenced the commitment in the aggregated time. The Swedish did not finish the party, since it was expelled in the 58' by double yellow and would have been, according to the Italian press, the one who began the wrap in the own first time.

"It returns to your foolishnesses vudús, small donkey", would have been the words of Ibra that desataron the fury of Lukaku, the one who encaró without doubting to the ex attacker of the FC Barcelona. "You follo to you and to your woman", answered him the Belgian, in a clash that prolonged until the changing rooms.

According to versions, Zlatan took out to relucir the Congolese origins of the forward of the Inter, in an act that was interpreted like racism, after doing allusion besides to the assertions of a leader of the Everton, the one who affirmed that the ex Manchester United had not wanted to expand his agreement with the English club because of a message voodoo that his mother would have communicated him.

However, Ibra denied that the reason of the altercation had to by a racist action and did not doubt this Thursday in publishing in his social networks to underline it: "In the world of Zlatan there is not place for the racism. All are the same race. All are equal. All are players. Some better that others", resolved. Although the episode did not happen to greater, since the referee of the meeting resolved the controversial situation admonishing to both players, concerns the fact that the temperament in the last games of the Swedish is more gone up of tone that never.

In the Milan-Atalanta, for example, Ibrahimovic also was the protagonist of a warmed up clash with Duván Zapata, but this time was this last the one who apparently began the discussion. "You can not finish a party without a penalti. You want the 13?", it would have expressed the Colombian while the VAR reviewed a played of possible penalti and in reference to the 12 goals that accumulated the leading veteran in the Series To. "Have more goals that the parties of all your career", answered 'ibracadabra'.

An alike chapter occurred, 10 days ago, with the Uruguayan Diego Godín in front of the Cagliari. This day imposed the Milan 0-2, with doublet of the Swedish. As it is habit, both starred brush own of the party that afterwards went further. Everything burst when Ibra marked the second and devoted him the so much to the historical defender.

They are three crosses in few days and the critics already begin to focus the looks in Zlatan, the one who is known by provocador so much in the fields of game as in the social networks, where always is sobredimensionando his qualities. Also, has to stand out , that Transfermarkt published in 2020 the ranking of the most expelled players of the football in the 21st century, in the smart figure Ibra in the position 16 with 13 expulsions.

Antecedents Lukaku-Ibra

Consulted on Lukaku, in an interview with the daily Gazzetta dello Sport, the Swedish revealed a bet that in his opinion left in evidence that the Belgian is not so well as they say. "It would say the following on Lukaku: his best weapon is the strength. Technically it is not very good, if it had listened me. I offered him 50 pounds by each dominated that it did", related. "It asked me what would give him if it did it well, and answered him: 'At all, only it will do you a better player'. He never accepted. Perhaps it had fear to lose", added.

In addition to the bet and the words of Ibra, that could not having importance knowing the verb of the forward, adds the fact that both in the United struggled férreamente by a place. Also that tuit of Lukaku, in which desafiantemente affirmed that 'there was a new king in the city', after marking one of his first goals with the Inter, where Zlatan won thrice the Series To.

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