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The CEO of the Super League, confident that the project is still 'alive'

Published:2/12/2022 - 15:41h

Updated:2/12/2022 - 15:41h

In few days there will be decision on if the Superliga European has reason or no in his posture that it also can organise a tournament of football to the pair of the UEFA and of the distinct leagues

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The debate on the future of the football in Europe follows on the table. The looks are put in the Court of Justice of the European Union where will decide the future of the Superliga, since it will dictate if the UEFA exert or no a position of abuse of monopoly. On this current situation debated representatives of Clifford Chance and To22, company promoter of the project.

Luis Alonso and Fernando Irurzun, that carry the demand of the Superliga against the UEFA and the FIFA, explained the abuse of power of UEFA; whereas Bernd Reichart, CEO of To22, exposed the process of listens in which it finds and analysed the last meeting with UEFA. "It can be human the reticencia to the change, live in a very comfortable situation, without competition and without business risk; but more gravely they live without the need of innovar. They live of the sweat of the clubs, to which do not do partícipes in the takings of decisions. To22 it has created a problem that did not have, because we pretend to improve the current competition. And we have to be able to work freely".

Besides, it insisted in the idea to give more weight to the clubs: "they Say that they are owners of the football, thing that put in doubt that have to exist. There is some complacencia, say that it does not do fault any contribution of out of the system. The clubs are those that contribute the value, the show and the emotion; they have to be they those that manage his own destination. The leagues are managed by the teams and no by his federations, why this can not elevate to European level?", it added Reichart.

One of the arguments that used the CEO of To22 to defend the project was the one of the loss of the attention of the youngest. "To stick to the new generations, it is necessary to offer all the weeks the best parties, no only of May to June". Also it cleared any doubt that the format have fixed clubs, explaining that "the Superliga will be meritocrática. Each team will have the right to dream to participate in her".

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The two directors of Clifford Chance criticised the attitude of the UEFA in the case Superliga, commenting that "a monopoly of by himself is not illegal. What is contrary to the law is that it abuse of this position. One of the pillars of the EU is the freedom of circulation and of company. These freedoms are respected by the UEFA or abuses of his position to prevent them? The UEFA sustains his monopoly through his norms".

Equally they added that "they approve an article 49, where will have the authority to authorise or abolish any competition in which they participate his associations members or clubs. In the article 51, will not be able to make any alliance between the federations, leagues or clubs without the permission of the UEFA. These are not the two only articles that combat in the European Union. There is a lot of examples in the norms of UEFA, FIFA, ECA….".

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