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VIRAL: Rajada Of Neymar father against those who criticise to his son

Published:16/02/2018 - 11:53h

Updated:16/02/2018 - 11:53h

The father of Neymar Jr has starred in the last hours a 'rajada' monumental, through the social networks, against those who have been criticising to his son by his bad performance the past Wednesday against the Real Madrid in Champions League

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As it is used to to occur whenever his son is criticised or crosses a difficult situation, the father of Neymar Jr has appeared in scene through the social networks to launch a hard message against the critics of 'Ney' that has run like the gunpowder and already has done viral.

The father of Neymar Jr has attacked directly to those who have criticised to his son in the last days after his bad party against the Real Madrid, in the gone of the eighth of final of the Champions League contested in Santiago Bernabéu, and in which Paris Saint-Germain finish falling defeated in the last minutes by a painful 3-1.

"In a war are those that feed of victories and those that, as lyou vultures, feed of the carrion of the defeated. At all they do, at all they produce, they live of the shine or, with more frequency, of the difficult moments of his preys", has written the father of Neymar.

Without leaving puppet with head, has ensured that "a lot of people comport like vultures" and take advantage of "of a strong microphone, of a career of player without a lot of shine and always to the shadow of other more talentosos to distill his frustrations".

Renacerá Neymar Of his ashes?

"They take advantage of a defeat, a stray battle to remain to the threaten, expecting the defeat in the war" with the aim to "feed his egos, like the vultures feed of the carrion", adds Neymar father without mentioning to anybody directly in his message.

"Regarding you, vulture, will remain you with hunger. And only it will remain you swallow you your words, so rotten like the carrion", concludes, attaching to the message an image in which it can see to Neymar Jr, with the T-shirt of the PSG, surrounded of a Bird giant Phoenix. "Renacerá, prepared for the fights that avenge by the front", says Neymar Senior in the message. The time will say if it is or no in the true.


Em uma "War" há you that alimentam of vitórias and há you that, as you abutres, alimentam gives carniça two defeated. At all fazem, at all produzem, vivem do brilho ou, com mais frequencia, of moments difíceis of suas "preys". No universe do futebol conhecemos muitas pessoas com "comportamento of abutre". By vezes aproveitam of um microfone forte, of uma carreira of "jogador" (nãor dá for chamarmos of "athlete" alguém com comportamentos no minimum questionáveis fora two gramados) sem muito brilho, sempre to shadow of outros mais talentosos, to distill suas frustraçõis. Aproveitam uma Defeat, uma BATALHA stray, for ficarem to espreita, awaiting to defeat na war, for alimentarem seus egos, as you abutres alimentam of carniça. NãOr conseguiram nas Olimpíadas do Rio, but ficaram ali, awaiting to primeira oportunidade, for trazer seu mau agouro. But lembrem-: we Lose uma batalha, nãor to war. To war of meu filho ele "pratica" from muito jovem, sempre praticando or bom fight, sempre escaping two abutres, sempre renascendo ainda mais forte !! And, mainly, respeitando to all, tied mesmo you abutres... We lose uma batalha, quanto to war, will see, because ela will last enquanto ele estiver us gramados. And tenham certainty... As uma fênix ele renascerá, prepared for quantos fights vierem peels front! Quanto To você, abutre, ficará com fome. And it will subtract engolir suas palavras, tãor podres quanto to carniça. . @neymarjr @rafaella @jotaamancio @davilucca @nadine.goncalves

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