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Change of plans: LaLiga would return on June 19 and not on 12

Published:22/05/2020 - 10:45h

Updated:22/05/2020 - 12:50h

This Thursday it was said that LaLiga would return on June 12, but it seems that in the end it will be delayed for a week, until 19. The training protocol would have been the cause of this change of course

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This past Thursday, the program of the 'COPE', 'The Partidazo', ensured that LaLiga had decided that the championship would return on 12 June. Javier Thebes already came warning from does a pair of weeks that that was his favourite date, since it wanted to go back what before. To fault of official confirmation, everything indicated that that went to be the day of turn of the Spanish competition. In fact, even it commented that the Seville-Betis would be the party that would open this reinicio.

But only a day after knowing this news the own program of the 'COPE' has affirmed that in LaLiga have decided to change of plan. Already this Thursday explained that on 19 June was the alternative in case it could not play the 12. At the end, if at all it changes, this 19 will be the official return of the Spanish championship. This change has to mainly because it wants to respect the protocol of trainings that contrived LaLiga.

To having begun the 12, the alone teams would have had a week and average to train all together. Until 1 June the clubs will not happen to the Phase 3 of trainings, by what until then will follow training in groups of 10. LaLiga Fixed that until the beginning of the championship all the players had to have worked together during at least two weeks, something that only would fulfil if the reinicio was the 19.

This Thursday in the afternoon night there was meeting in which it spoke of all this. Javier Thebes, the brain of all this, pronounced on the turn of the football and, although it did not want to hint with the concrete date, yes left clear that only will be when Health of green light. "We are ilusionados with the return, but the competition only will begin when the sanitary authorities consider it possible... The work of coordination with the Upper Council of Sports and the Real Spanish Federation of Football will be key", wrote in Twitter.

This affirmation of the president of LaLiga indicates that from the organism has decided not risking at all. In this sense, on 19 June is a much more careful date that the 12 in all the senses. For this day, the footballers will be in better fitness and will run less risk of injury, something that concerns a lot with this reinicio. Besides, a week of margin could be beneficial to the hour to struggle against the pandemia of coronavirus.

It will reveal to the clubs the calendar on 29 May

In spite of this change of plans regarding the date of turn, the idea of LaLiga keeps on being to inform to the clubs on the new calendar on 28 May. 'COPE' Ensures that Thebes already works in this with the plan that all the teams play each 72 hours. The RFEF has to give his seen well, by what would be working in group. If it does not happen at all rare, the next week all the groups of the competicón will know how and when have to go back to play.

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