Javier Tebas, during an appearance in front of the media


Tebas charges against the Superleague and warns Barça and Madrid

Published:21/01/2021 - 20:31h

Updated:21/01/2021 - 20:32h

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, spoke on Thursday about the European Super League after FIFA opposed its creation. The Costa Rican made it clear that he agrees with the body chaired by Gianni Infantino

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"Such competition would not be recognised neither by the FIFA neither by the corresponding confederation. To all club or player involved in a competition like this, like consequence, no would allow him participate in any competition organised by the FIFA neither by his corresponding confederation". This was the conclusive way with which loomed the FIFA to all the clubs​ that are in favour of the Superliga European.

The maximum organism of the world-wide football left very clear that is against of the creation of this tournament and broke the dreams of the teams that want to play it in the future. After this clear communiqué, Javier Thebes, president of LaLiga, has spoken and has showed entirely in accordance with the argued by the FIFA. The president of LaLiga thinks that the Superliga only would benefit to the big clubs of the world.

"FIFA And the confederations are conscious of the damage that would do to the ecosystem of the current football. Here it would not appear more money, but they would try to concentrate it in some poquitos clubs, although I insist that it would be a failure to half term", said the costarricense to refer to how could work the competition in case that it finished carrying out in the future.

Besides, Thebes commanded a recado to the teams that have been speaking of the creation of the Superliga these last years. "Those clubs that can be working in this project to backs of the institutions of the football, are not loyal with the competitions in which they participate, this is what I do not understand. Now the FIFA has taken out a note and speech of rumour, sure that there is something more than a rumour", commented.

The president of LaLiga followed his speech against the tournament and left clear that under his point of view is a competition that would not work to half and long term. Besides, it defended to the domestic leagues and to the Champions League. "It is an unfeasible project to half and long term for the own clubs that want to participate. This would do a lot of damage to the European system, in which have strong national leagues and a Champions excellent", declared.

'Dardo' to the Madrid and to the Barça

Finally, it mentioned to the Real Madrid and to the FC Barcelona, that have left to fall that they are in favour of the creation of the Superliga and called selfish to both teams and to all those that want to play the tornep in the future. "Why change it by the theoretical selfishness of a few clubs that some day will go out of the secrecy? They have gone out the Barcelona and the Real Madrid a poquito. Somebody will unmask them in brief", finalised.

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