The FC Barcelona, celebrating one of the goals

FC Barcelona 6, Getafe 0

The Barça "Globetrotters" run over to the Getafe to base of magic and fantasy (6-0)

Published:11/03/2016 - 21:33h

Updated:17/03/2016 - 13:01h

The FC Barcelona went back to lucir a spectacular game against the Getafe in the Camp Nou, signing the split number 37 without losing of consecutive form and deleitando to the public with a sublime performance of all the players

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The FC Barcelona began the party against the Getafe with the clear will to add three new points in League BBVA 2015-16 against a team, the one of Fran Escribá, clearly on line downward during the last days of the domestic competition, having stray 7 of the last 8 commitments and consecrating as the worst instrument visitor of the championship. The Madrilenian group began showing a big intensity in defence, presionando very up and causing the first desbarajuste defensive of the Barça when it did hardly second that had begun the party, but fortunately the defensive saga culé could undo the danger without too many problems. The intentona of the Getafe was a mirage, because from here the FC Barcelona, although with a rhythm of game something slow, did with the possession of the spherical and began to build from own field.

Sergi Roberto, Iniesta and Burn Turan achieved to carry the balloon without a lot of problems to the zone of Neymar Jr, Leo Messi and Munir The Haddadi, those who however were not too inspired during the first minutes of game, without brilliance to the hour of desbordar and with a big quantity of men to his backs. Gerard Hammered and Mathieu contributed a big solidity in the axis of the saga, whereas in attack Leo Messi decided to delay his position to help to the midfield players and send balloons in depth to his mates. Precisely a pass in depth of the Argentinian star of the FC Barcelona, after combining with Iniesta, served so that a centre raso of Jordi Alba touched in Juan Rodríguez and colara in the goal of Guaita, without that the guardameta Valencian could do at all for avoiding it.

The Barça tightens and Munir sees again door

It was the minute 8 of party, but the reality is that hardly a minute afterwards a played practically identical of the FC Barcelona, with a new centre raso of Jordi Alba, finish in a penalti clear of Velázquez committed on Neymar Jr. Leo Messi was the attendant to throw the maximum penalty, but Guaita read very well by where would go the spherical and detained it, without that it was a too adjusted shot to the right stick of the goal of the Getafe. The FC Barcelona dominated the marker with a clear 1-0, but the feelings of the game, after the penalti failed and the a lot of approaches of the Barça to the contrary area, presaged many more goals in favour of the interests culés. In the minute 16 of game, in fact, Neymar Jr caused a very centred fault to the edge of the area. Messi went back to be the attendant to hammer it, but the shot seemed more an essay of rugby and left too high.

By part of the Getafe, Wanderson was the most active player, trying progress when had the balloon to base of physical power and speed. It could cause a card of Gerard Hammered in an attempt of counterattack, but threw to the swimming pool when noticing the lightest contact and the collegiate Pérez Montero did not hammer, deciding not signalling fault. They were mirages, because the FC Barcelona was a compacter so much in the centre of the field as when it crossed the three chambers of field. A new played initiated by Leo Messi finish in an aerial pass in depth of Iniesta to Messi, the one who at first centred to the penalty spot and allowed a goal of head of Munir. The Spanish forward so only had to focus the head to the goal, but was here to do it, so opportunist as in the meeting in front of the Eibar of does a week.

Neymar And Messi lead the compacter of the Barça

The FC Barcelona dominated totally the party, and in the minute 24 of party, Neymar Jr received a clear penalti of Santiago Vergini that was not signalled by the collegiate Pérez Montero. The Brazilian finish to make a played of fantasy with elastic included in the left band and was progressing to the goal, but Vergini him tumbó with a push. A minute afterwards, another penalti clear on "Ney" that neither was pitado in spite of being very clear, this time committed by Pedro León that it demolished him trabándole with the foot. The Barça was giving a masterclass of game against the Getafe, and especially Andrés Iniesta. The captain recovered balloons in defence, generated brilliant passes in depth and, in definite, was a nightmare more on the field for the defence of the Getafe, to which did not arrive him the effective to defend to Neymar, Messi and to the rest of "cracks".

The party was an authentic review for the Getafe, that did not go losing by a "manita" of goals of miracle. And it is that, to the half hour of game, a finish of Gerard Hammered after a played to unemployed balloon left to the crossbar, thanks to that Guaita diverted it previously. It gave the same, because so only a minute afterwards a pass of genius of Leo Messi finish in the third goal of the party, work of Neymar Jr, the one who at first finished with thread and of form adjusted to the left stick of Guaita a balloon that turned into definite conviction for the Getafe. Third goal of the FC Barcelona, that was perfectly installed from did minutes in the field of the Madrilenian group, with Hammered and Mathieu also in contrary field. The public of the Camp Nou had a good time, applauded and did the wave. And it was not for less.

Messi and Neymar follow shining and "set"

In the minute 39, a new centre of Messi finished with a finish of Jordi Alba that it crashed in the crossbar, leaving afterwards to kickoff of door. A minute later, there was time still for an authentic golazo of Leo Messi from out of the area, with a dry shot and with thread that left sold to Guaita. Dose of unappealable magic and 4-0 to the rest. The second half began with the FC Barcelona something more comedido in the offensive brilliance and more to the expectation, being the Getafe the first in upsetting the goal of Claudio Bravo with a shot from out of the area of Yoda, that fortunately left slightly diverted. The Madrilenian group had jumped to the terrain of game to try give the face, but the Barça quickly went back to take the reins of the clear opportunities of goal.

Burn Turan finished of form very diverted a precise pass to the penalty spot of Jordi Alba, but hardly four minutes afterwards Neymar Jr, again after a prodigious assistance of Leo Messi, attained to beat to Vicent Guaita in the minute 51 to transform the "manita" in the marker, leaving patent the very clear superiority of the FC Barcelona in all the fields. The public of the Camp Nou went on doing the wave and Luis Suárez saw the party from the bench, without any need to go out to resolve what already was resolved from the first twenty minutes of party. In fact, in the minute 57 would arrive the sixth goal of the Barça, work of Burn Turan. The Turkish, with a little Orthodox Chilean to a centre from the left band, achieved to annotate the enésima target blaugrana, conviertiendo the half remaining hour of game in an authentic suffering for the Madrilenian.

The FC Barcelona dosifica with the balloon

Luis Enrique took advantage of to make changes and dosificar to his footballers, taking out of the terrain of game to Mathieu, that will be to title against the Arsenal next Wednesday by the sanction of Gerard Hammered, and to Andrés Iniesta that it left ovacionado of the Camp Nou. Thomas Vermaelen and Sergi Samper ingresaron in the terrain of game, with the canterano that debuted in League BBVA with the T-shirt of the FC Barcelona after having played Glass of Rey, World-wide of Clubs and UEFA Champions League before. After the sixth goal, the Barça went down slightly the rhythm but in spite of this continued having of some that another clear opportunity. Claudio Bravo also had prominence, detaining a shot from guera of the area of Moi Gómez. A minute afterwards, the same attacker of the Getafe went back to shoot to the goal of the Barcelona, although this time the shot crossed left diverted brushing the left stick of Bravo.

They remained 20 minutes of party, but already was all the fish sold in the Camp Nou. The players culés took advantage of the remaining minutes for dosificar efforts with the balloon, distributing it of a part to another and, in occasions, seeing to favour of the scarce offensive game of a Getafe desfigurado, without any type of confidence after the licking of the Barça. The ones of Luis Enrique followed playing and players like Samper, Vermaelen, Bartra and Burn accumulated minutes of quality, something important of face to this last stretch of season, being able to give rest to important pieces like Iniesta and Luis Suárez. The Barça is a compacter, and after 37 parties followed without losing... Some team can stop him?

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 6-0 Getafe

FC Barcelona, 6: Bravo; Vidal, Gerard Hammered (Bartra, 68'), Mathieu (Vermaelen, 60'), Jordi Alba; Sergi Roberto, Iniesta (Samper, 60'), Burn Turan; Neymar, Messi and Munir.

Getafe, 0: Guaita; Álvaro, Velázquez, Vergini, Buendía; Medrán, Juan Rodríguez, Pedro León (Moi Gómez, 53'), Wanderson; Yoda and Scepovic (V. Rodríguez, 53').

Goals of the party: J. Rodríguez p.p (8'); Munir, 20'; Neymar, 32'; Messi, 40'; Neymar, 51'; it Burn, 57'.

Referee: Pérez Montero.

Incidences: corresponding Party to the twentieth ninth day of the League BBVA 2015-16, contested in the Camp Nou.

Next party: FC Barcelona vs Arsenal (Turn 1/8 Champions)

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