Leo Messi, controlling a balloon with the head in front of the Betis


The reason of the unfair yellow to Leo Messi in front of the Betis

Published:2/05/2016 - 08:04h

Updated:2/05/2016 - 08:04h

The big Argentinian star of the FC Barcelona, Leo Messi, received an unexpected yellow card after protesting mildly a cardboard showed by Mateu Lahoz to his mate Hammered. While, Ceballos was about to to go of rositas

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This time the decisions of Mateu Lahoz were not the sufficiently drastic as to leave to the FC Barcelona without title of League BBVA 2015-16 against the Real Betis, although the Valencian referee himself starred any, in Benito Villamarín, in which it remained reflected that the Spanish arbitration needs a serious remodeling of face to the future, so much to normative level as of referee's quality.

And it is that it can not be that, in the football of maximum level, condemn equal or more the protests that the hard and violent game, something that sucedió this past Saturday during the Betis-FC Barcelona contested in Benito Villamarín. And it is that the Argentinian star of the Barça, Leo Messi, protested mildly and with the mouth covered, in the first-half, an action that finish him to cost to Gerard Hammered the -doubtful- yellow card.

The referee of the meeting Mateu Lahoz, without miramientos and showing a very little predisposition to exchange impressions professionally with one of the players of the party, decided to cut the protests of Messi of root showing him also the cardboard. Two cautions of a tacada, and the Barça that remained marked of face to the second half.

The more esperpéntico, however, is that players manifestly aggressive and little professional like Dani Ceballos, the one who stepped the ankle to Gerard Hammered in the first and second half, did not see card or saw it almost at the end of the meeting.

Mateu Lahoz, in any case, did not have many win to give explanations in the referee's record in this regard of the reason of the card of Messi: "in the minute 23 the player (10) Messi Cuccittini, Lionel Andres was admonished by the following reason: Protest a mine decision", drafted the referee.

Clearer the water. By against, the majority of the hard entrances that received the Argentinian star along the meeting remained impunes. Referee's injustice, definitely, and fault of protection to the stars that give shine to the League BBVA.

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