Javier Thebes, president of LaLiga, in a conference in Switzerland


Thebes explains the initiative of LaLiga in U.S. and ensures that it will play the Girona-Barça

Published:7/09/2018 - 10:31h

Updated:7/09/2018 - 18:30h

Although it has generated some controversy, LaLiga follows insisting in the dispute of several parties in United States, and Javier Thebes has detailed how will work the project. Besides, the leader has confirmed that the Girona-Barça will play in Miami

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The season 2018-19 finish to begin, and the discussions between LaLiga, the different entities of the Spanish football, the players and the clubs carry weeks being protagonist. The last has to see with the initiative that involves the celebration of several days in United States, a project on which the president Javier Thebes has given details in an interview in 'The Transistor' of Wave Zero.

According to the leader, this is a question that goes much more there of the Girona-FC Barcelona: "The agreement is not only for the party, is a much wider process. We carry working 3 years in U.S., did a contest in which they presented several companies. There is not any obligation to play a party to the year in U.S.. The parts will do the greater possible effort. That they go the clubs is voluntary. The global agreement was explained in the commission delegated of the league of the month of July, formed by 15 clubs and the president".

"The agreement voted . It is much more that the party, sponsorships, strategy... It is not compulsory neither that go LaLiga neither the clubs. It is to try grow in the American market. It signs the global agreement with an amount of 200 million dollars in 15 years. The most important is not the money, is to go in in the market. If you do not go and you work it you do not have it. It does not suffice with going up a signal", has explained.

In his speech, has signalled that the deal with 'Relevant', the company investor, started with the dispute of the Classical of the International Champions Cup, and that entities like the Manchester City have showed interest to involve to clubs like the Girona, that with a social mass more reduced would have more margin of performance to the hour to move to his credited, a trip of the that would do charge the quoted company. In a group of greater dimensions, this alternative would be invianble.

"We will treat the subject with the players so that they see that it is positive for all"

"They go arising quite a lot of teams that have offered of the profile of the Girona, because they see it like an opportunity and if there is a good compensation for the credited have the opportunity to travel to Miami, etc. The costs would pay them 'Relevant' and to Miami can go and go back in the day without that they pay the credited. The Saturday will be the party to the 15 of the afternoon (21 in Spain) and fletaran the aeroplanes of the Girona for 1.500 credited. We want that they displace so that the people of U.S. and Miami see the passion and what is the environment of a football match in Spain. This is the mark of the Spanish football for us", has desgranado.

After admitting that there is a problem with the pending broadcasts to solve and concretise that it does not think that there are risks of political demonstrations, Thebes has referred to the obstacles that have put organisms like the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) and the own players, that do not finish to see it clear and have left patent his disconformidad because no have commented them before a subject in which they are main actors.

"It is necessary to ask permission to 5 institutions, FEF, UEFA, American Federation, CONCACAF and Upper Council of Sports. I think that they go them to us to give. First it is necessary to resolve the problem between the clubs with the credited and now will begin to work the subject of the players. With them already it has spoken . We want to present the application to play in U.S. with all these subjects solved. We go us to gather the Monday with David Aganzo to treat the subject of the players and that see that it is a positive subject for all. The agreement with AFE will not go through an economic compensation", has situated.

Besides, it has reiterated his confidence in that this project will throw to forward, defending that LaLiga has defined and with a solid base a strategy of expansion to which have to adhere the rest of communities: "have to seat Me with the AFE. What can them offer prefer to say it to them the Monday directly. I think that the RFEF can not put a lot of problems. We have showed from LaLiga that know a lot of strategies to grow in the markets. We have earned near of 30 million euros of the audiovisual rights that generates LaLiga but the management of rights. As we do not do mark in these countries, the Spanish football goes to rack and ruin. And no only the small clubs".

The project of LaLiga in United States is on a long-term basis

Questioned on the organisation of the Girona-FC Barcelona, Thebes has been rotundo, and has dared to affirm that it is a practically confirmed commitment: "I Think that right now there is 90% of possibilities that the Girona-Barça play in United States". Besides, it has warned that this will not be a norm, but that it is a project on a long-term basis: "I Can ensure that in the next 5 years would not play more than a party to the year in United States".


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