Dani Alves And Sergiño Dest, right sides of the Barça


Alves vs. Dest: Will Xavi's commitment to the Brazilian continue?

Published:22/01/2022 - 19:52h

Updated:22/01/2022 - 19:52h

Sergiño Dest reappeared with Barça, in San Mamés, after two months of inaction. He played as a winger and it seems that, for now, he will not discuss the position of Dani Alves on the right side: Is Xavi doing well or is he wrong in the long term?

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The FC Barcelona follows without having a reliable defence. The errors repeat split to party and a lot of weight have the sides, those who are very far to fulfil with the needs of the team. Jordi Alba has been in the eye of the hurricane from does some weeks, but especially after his abysmal performance in Saint Mamés, when it could not detain -in any moment- to Nico Williams. However, by the right band also are lit the alarms... And it has to concern as much as the wrap in the left-handed side.

Dani Alves, since it was inscribed, has been indisputable headline for the Barça. It has played practically everything: 372 minutes delivered in four parties (1 of League, 1 of Supercopa and 2 of Glass of Rey). It leaves the feeling that it arrived to be headline in the team and that, besides, Xavi Hernández trusts fully in him. A proof of this was to play the 120 minutes in Saint Mamés. All this, with 38 years. The problem is that the Brazilian generates too many doubts and his performance against the Athletic, further of his Chilean-assistance, remained marked by the big losses that signed.

Alves Was the antonym of reliability in Bilbao. It has to be weighing his age and all the problems that drags. It is unlikely that can play all and followed, as it has been it doing to date... And this can be a hard hit for a Barça that seems to have put the confidence in him and that would dare to refuse to Sergiño Dest if they have the opportunity.

It seems an incomprehensible decision by the age of both and by the potential that can have the international with United States, with which deserves to remember that it was key for the Barça in the past season, especially playing like carrilero. It is not a secret that Dest has a lot of defensive lacks (the same that Alves right now?), but has projection and is 'benefited' by his speed to go and come in the field.

Dest, in any case, has been victim of the physical problems and has been was too time, but remains to ask if now that is available, and apparently to the one hundred by one hundred, can have opportunities in the Barça, especially now that it has 'showed' that maybe Dani Alves is not to play it all (something that, from the beginning, has been logical). It will yield Xavi Hernández?

The twice that Sergiño Dest has played since the egarense landed in the Barcelona bench has been to occupy the right extreme, a position in which the Dutch can manage, but does not feel comfortable completely, put is not a pure striker (and has showed it). Xavi has not given him opportunity in the right side and seems, right now, that will not have it.

How it changes the history!

It results curious that when it announced in November the signing of Dani Alves like free agent, was totally sure that it was so that the Brazilian served of leader in the changing room and added some minutes. To anybody went through him the mind that went to be an indisputable headline, especially when in the horizon of the Barça is in that the youngsters lead the team. It can 'excusarse' with that there is not a player in better conditions, but there will be a limit.

Except surprise, seems unlikely that Dani Alves can play three months to this level. No rest or rotation. And there it is when Xavi would have to opt by Sergiño Dest, so that it add minutes and go back to approach to his best level, that has showed by 'instants' in the Barça and that consecrated it in the Ajax. It is the only clear road so that it exist some balance in the right side, because it would be 'unfair' that Ronald Araújo played there and no in the centre of the defence.

Alves, mentor of Dest?

In his presentation like Barcelona player, Dani Alves commented that it wanted to help to Sergiño Dest to improve his staged in the team: "I Go to treat to help it the more than can. I same think that is a big player and has everything to be one of the best footballers of the world. We go to treat to do him understand how is that the things have to do here and will help it to adapt to the team and the style of game that want"... It is time to to do it, Dani!

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