The players of Barça celebrate a goal against Real Valladolid in LaLiga


The 1x1 of the Barça players against Real Valladolid

Published:12/07/2020 - 01:25h

Updated:12/07/2020 - 01:25h

FC Barcelona won its duel against Real Valladolid in the thirty-sixth match of LaLiga 2019-20. This is the 1x1 of the players in the game in the José Zorrilla Stadium

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The FC Barcelona follows postponing the mathematical sentence of LaLiga, and this Saturday repeated winning by the minimum to the Real Valladolid. The Catalans do not want to leave him the title in tray of silver to the Real Madrid and presionaron imposing in José Zorrilla, where after a big beginning that did to presage a goleada in favour, did cost a scarce income that was in danger with the reaction of the blanquivioletas.

The first time in Pucela had Barcelona colour, but there were more occasions that puntería. The enésima magic assistance of Leo Messi wanted to correspond it Arturo Vidal with a definition to the height, and after a control oriented, soltó a latigazo that touched in the stick before besar the networks. The problem was that it did not expand the advantage when it touched, and Antoine Griezmann, Riqui Puig or Nélson Semedo forgave opportunities that remained buried between his desacierto and the good do of Jordi Masip, that always shows his quality when it measures to his ex team.

In the resumption, the troops of Sergio González stepped forward, and overwhelmed to a rival that regretted to have not finished the work. Some isolated occasion could resolve -the cancerbero took him out to Messi his usual free shot to the square-, but the one who had more work was Marc-André ter Stegen, that multiplied to answer to several dangerous attempts of some vallisoletanos that never gave by defeated. This is an assessment of the performance of the 15 footballers that were on the lawn in the Day 36 of LaLiga:

The analysis 1x1 of the Barça against the Valladolid

  • Quique Setién: Brave. The technician went back to give a twist to his alignment and went out him almost perfect. With two forwards inside and Arturo Vidal freed, the sides, that played practically of extreme -to descatar the partidazo of Semedo- were a torture for the local saga. With his team going of more to less, cost him more react after the rest, and did some changes more for protecting to his footballers that for ensuring the three points. It gives the feeling that, with LaLiga so complicated, already is thinking in the Champions League.
  • Marc-André ter Stegen: Impressive. Although in the majority of his performances there is an intervention saviour, does not leave to impress complete it that it is and how dominate all the registers. A one against one fallido was the only attempt of the pucelanos in the first 45 minutes, but in the following shined diverting a head butt of Enes Ünal and covering a finish point-blank of Sandro Ramírez.
  • Nélson Semedo: Desatado. By moments seemed that the Barça played with a 3-3-4, and the lisboeta enjoyed a lot of playing of extreme. No only it noticed in his feelings, but also in the occasions generated. Had a goal in a powerful shot that took out Masip and gave him another to Antoine Griezmann, that failed in the definition when it had it everything to mark. In the resumption lost depth and devoted to defend.
  • Gerard Hammered: Leader. The Barcelonan is, with permission of Leo Messi and Ter Stegen, the soul of this team, and shows it doing his work and giving always a bit more. It gave exit to the balloon, cleared all what approached to the area and even was victim of a penalti clear that Mateu Lahoz and the VAR sent to the limbo. Many accused him does some weeks, but is clear what there was sucedido to having dressed of white.
  • Clément Lenglet: Constante. The one of Beauvais works like a very greased machine, since it does not complicate and does not do too noise but always fulfils without rechistar. Hardly it had errors and follows confirming the discovery of one no so new couple for the axis of the saga. On the hour of party the trainer withdrew him so that the yellow that had received no him ocasionara problems.
  • Jordi Alba: Tired. To the of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat went him well that the culés loaded the game by the right in the first-half, because in the last days has seen that finish the meetings with the just petrol. Had more work in a second time in which it was more freed in the offensive, but in which also it touched him apply backwards. It received yellow for protesting the penalti to Hammered and finish playing by in front of Junior Firpo in a double side that Setién is testing with relative frequency.
  • Arturo Vidal: Incombustible. The one of Saint Joaquín is not an usual midfield player in the Barça, but for the time being is one of the most necessary. It is a lung for a group that does not have more than enough of strengths, and in addition to hammering in defence, in attack and in all the plots of the game has goal, something that is not to the height of any one. It did good an assistance of Messi with another golazo that costs his weight in gold.
  • Sergio Busquets: Dosificado. The one of Badia is appreciating that the míster have found the key for arroparle, since the rhombus of the medullary does that no resienta the attack but at the same time armours the room of machines, what translates in less defensive suffering. Always it offers the ideal exit for any one of his mates, and to fault of a chamber of hour touched him leave to the bench to rest.
  • Sergi Roberto: Joker. The one of Reus has left to be a side that in occasions plays of midfield player to be a centrocampisya that in occasions plays of side, what always went until his reconversion. It began armouring the right side and afterwards displaced leftwards, confirming, a day more, that the of the defence is an experiment and that it has to be important in his usual position.
  • Riqui Puig: Increasing. To the of Matadepera said him that it had to improve in defence, and has put him the necessary obstinacy to do a gap in the eleven. Now that the team appreciates his vision of game and his desparpajo and verticality in the distribution of balloon, touches him apply in the finish, since it had of several occasions in which it was missing him an extra of tranquility and picardía. To his 20 years, his potential is ilusionante.
  • Leo Messi: Director. To the of Rosario has happened him invoices the confinement, but goes so sobrado that even so it is able to be decisive. In this occasion, stepped backwards and yielded leadership to his mates, although it directed the game and launched the winning assistance for Arturo Vidal. If has the sufficient margin to go back to assume responsibilities, the Barça will have serious options to raise the Champions.
  • Antoine Griezmann: Alarming. The one of Macon gave some frights in Valladolid, first by his fault of puntería and afterwards because Setién revealed that it changed him to the rest because it suffered annoyances. It aborted a clear opportunity because it had to be more selfish, forgave inexplicably a pass of the death of Semedo, and in another assistance of Riqui Puig, was Masip the one who frustrated him when only it was missing him push the leather.
  • Luis Suárez: Dense. The one of Jump received a rest but was called to rows by the problems that suffered Griezmann. His entrance to the terrain of game coincided with the bajón of a Barça that lost weight in attack, and this time could not mark differences. It was dense, so much in the combination as in the taking of decisions.
  • Ivan Rakitic: Destroyer. The one of Möhlin replaced to Riqui Puig and could not fulfil with his paper of todoterreno, since the blanquivioletas took a step forward and forced him to bale out water. It wore out in the demanding final minutes.
  • Ronald Araújo: Demanded. The one of Rivera substituted to the admonished Lenglet and saw like the work multiplied by moments. It follows adding experience beside Hammered and no desentona, although it happened it worse when Enes Ünal and Boiled began to put to proof to the defence barcelonista.
  • Junior Firpo: Resource. The one of Saint Sunday plays little in his usual position -left side-, and when it does it, few times is to cover to the worn Jordi Alba. In this occasion Setién went back to bet by a double side with the Hispanic-dominican limited to the defence.

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