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Arturo Vidal will undergo controls of the Chilean Federation for the coronavirus

Published:28/02/2020 - 20:11h

Updated:28/02/2020 - 20:11h

The Chilean Federation will activate the protocol in front of the propagation of the coronavirus and will apply it to the footballers that play in European territory, as it is the case of Arturo Vidal

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The coronavirus is having an important impact by his fast propagation and in the Chilean Federation want to cure in health in front of said circumstances. According to the informations published by several Chilean media and collected by the newspaper Sport, in 'The Red' has designated to a doctor to design a protocol for the footballers of the Chilean selection that are playing in Europe.

This month of March, the combined Chilean will gather in his country to contest the party of classification for Catar 2022, for which Arturo Vidal, one of the leaders of the team, will be summoned. The '22' Barcelona resides in Barcelona, zone in which they have registered cases of coronavirus, reason by which would be controlled with the medical protocol of the federation.

Nevertheless, Italy is the country that more concerns in Chile, since it is one of the main focuses of the epidemic to the pair that one of the countries that more players contributes to the selection. Alexis (Inter), Medel (Bologna), Thumb (Fiorentina) and Sierralta (Parma) play in the Calcium, in which they have closed several stadiums for the dispute of the parties and in which it has registered the first case of coronavirus in a professional player.

LaLiga Also has a protocol established

On the other hand, the president of LaLiga, Javier Thebes, has explained which is the plan if the coronavirus follows propagating in Spain. "No we have posed it to us suspend the Classical and other parties, but from the Sunday at night have an open Commission inside LaLiga called Coronavirus, following with the subject, and have done a plan of performances for different cities on if it can play to enclosed door or no. It has not arrived to the situation in Madrid, neither much less, of the subject of the suspension of the Classical", said, in some statements collected by the daily Ace.

Besides, it contemplated the possibility of the parties without public. "A thing is to suspend a party and another is to not to play it. We are seeing the alternative to play parties to enclosed door, so this party had played to enclosed door, as any another, and if it could not as it would suspend . And, even so, also we have posed when would play these parties and in which dates of the calendar. This approach have done it to him arrive to UEFA so that it also take into account the eliminatory where there are Spanish teams. We work in the forecast and no in the improvisation", commented.

Thebes also remembered to the recently infected journalist. "Now, in Valencia, have had a case of a journalist and what has done is replantear a bit the approaches in the press conferences, that is what it is necessary to do all over the world. When somebody is affected by this illness it is necessary to isolate him with the quarantine, but here have not arrived to this situation", sentenced.

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