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Gerard Piqué: "Now the Barça fans demand the 'triplete' each season"

Published:1/01/2020 - 13:25h

Updated:1/01/2020 - 13:25h

Gerard Piqué and Carles Puyol starred an interview, just before finishing 2019, in which analysed the big successes of the FC Barcelona along the last decade

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In a special interview conceded to 'TV3', Carles Puyol and Gerard Hammered did a review to the successes harvested by the FC Barcelona in this last decade, leaving several headlines and giving more importance to concrete parties, like the 2-6 of the Bernabéu, that to some titles. "To the 2-6 gives him more importance that to some title. Since, always I enjoy in the Bernabéu", ensured the '3' of the Barça.

In the special program 'Nit of Copes', Puyol and Hammered commemorated the ten years of the sextete and spoke, also, of the previous seasons in which the team fracasó with bang, in addition to the transformation regarding the requirements of the fans blaugrana, that from does a time already is conscious that the Barça is one of the best teams of the planet.

"When you win the six glasses think that you will win them every year, seat you invincible"

"Historically the Barcelona had experiences very bad, losing final of Champions that could not lose. From 1992, we have won them all less the one of Athens. Five of six. Therefore the mentality of the fans has changed. My brother, that is of 1992, has not seen to lose to the Barça and these demand the triplete every year. We go with confidence and not saying 'ay that will lose, ay that will lose'", remembered Gerard Hammered, explaining why to the Barça demands him much more now that antaño.

"Now you win League and Glass and seems little. I was five years without winning titles and without competing them and therefore I give him value to everything. Win a doublet Ties and Glass is spectacular", added Puyol. The 2-6 was, without place to doubts, a result that will remain for ever in the memory of all the barcelonistas. "To the 2-6 himself gives him more importance that any of the titles attained", remarked Hammered. "It is very symbolic, no only by the result, but by how played . It was the first time that played in the Bernabéu and 2-6. It was maximum adrenaline".

"From the 2-6 enjoy whenever I go to the Bernabéu. It would have to suffer, but I enjoy it. It is a pleasure"

"Always it had lived it from out, so this day the stadium imposed at all more arrive and thought that they would tighten and would do us the impossible life. As what goes. We have played in fields more complicated to the hour to take out the ball, to feel presionados, that in the Bernabéu. The Madrid never has had the pressure like his strong elder, but the against. After the 2-4 already was a recital", added the Barcelona head office. "This first experience marked me a lot and since enjoy whenever I go to the Bernabéu. It would have to suffer, but I enjoy it. It is a pleasure", said between laughs.

Puyol Also thinks that the 2-6 marked a period in Can Barça. "It is one of the best parties of always, do not know if by the game, that also, but yes by his memory. It was the moment of the 'cagómetro' and remember the talk of Pep. It said us that at all to go out to empatar, because like this we would lose safe and gave a hit in the table. That 2-6 is not like a title, but almost, because it is in the memory of a lot of culés and fans in general. It was a change of total cycle".

The courage of Guardiola and the prize of the sextete

I hammered it wanted to remark in the interview, also, the brave that was Pep Guardiola at all more arrive to the Barça. "Had the courage to put us to me, to Pedro and to Busquets. It was a bomb. The locomotive greased quickly, played the one who played. The míster did rotations and were still working the same of well. At the beginning we could go out very easy with the ball from backwards, but to the third and fourth year already was another thing".

Finally, 'Geri' went back to do upsetting in the complicated that it is to win so many titles in so little time, putting like example the only sextete attained in the history of the club... And of the football. "When you win the six think that you will win them every year, seat you invincible. It is the day in which you leave to win when you value it more. Win six is only, very difficult to repeat".

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