Ilaix Moriba, during a party of the FC Barcelona


Claw and commitment: Ilaix Moriba excites Barcelona fans

Published:12/04/2021 - 09:25h

Updated:12/04/2021 - 09:25h

Ilaix Moriba Jumped to the field from the bench, threw to the FC Barcelona to the shoulders and showed in front of the Real Madrid charisma and character

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Ilaix Moriba Went back to show, this time in front of the Real Madrid, that has all the numbers to turn into an emblematic footballer in the next years in the FC Barcelona. The young player did gala of a strong personality in a transcendental party for the aspirations of the Barça. Ilaix Forms part of the group of youngsters that has won the recognition of Ronald Koeman, by what has jumped several links in the ranking hierarchical of the staff. Now, already it is between the fifteen players 'top' for the Dutch technician.

Moriba Did gala of class, maturity, character and leadership in the scarce minutes of which had during the Classical in front of the Real Madrid, which was contested this Saturday in Valdebebas. It planted face to veteran players like Casemiro in one of the actions of systematic hardness that characterise to the madridista, and comandó the chances more important of the Barcelona picture in the agony of the party in an attempt to rescue at least a point.

It was the author of the finish that it crashed in the crossbar, which almost supposed a valuable point for the Barça in the last sigh. Moriba Contributed verticality and only lost a balloon in the minutes in that it was on the green carpet of Alfredo Gave Stéfano. Ingresó In the minute 72, and besides received a fault, what denotes his involucración with the team from his entrance.

In a party of maximum requirement, were footballers with dorsal and index card of the filial those that exhibited a greater degree of commitment and character in front of the historical rival of the Barcelona club: the Real Madrid. Besides, trascending to the fact of the significance to measure in front of the white picture, the importance to win in this duel was fundamental, by what fall (2-1) meant a hard estocada. Although, the performance of the young footballer ilusiona with a brilliant future.

Harp and commitment

Ilaix Moriba Showed this Saturday 10 April, in an unpublished stage in the history of the Classical, that has all the arguments to turn into a powerful and transcendental player. By dint of harp and commitment, the young footballer did to vibrate the house of the Real Madrid and pushed to the team to achieve what seemed impossible: Trace back a commitment in where they were surpassed by the rival. Ilaix ilusionó To the barcelonismo with the crossbar, but the hope of his greatness keep alive.

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