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The departure of Leo Messi from Barça "is an own goal" for the Catalans

Published:12/09/2021 - 18:49h

Updated:12/09/2021 - 21:57h

In the Barça-Bayern Munich preview, the former general director of the Bavarian team, Rummenigge, spoke of the Argentine's departure from Camp Nou

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The FC Barcelona receives this Tuesday to the Bayern in the Camp Nou for the dispute of the first day of the phase of groups of the Champions League 2021-2022. In the previous of the party, from both edicts have commissioned to analyse one of the most important crashes of the European football, by the historical rivalry between both teams, and especially by the humiliation that suffered the Catalans the last time that they saw the faces with the muniqueses.

Besides, now there is a 'extra ingredient' of the side of the Barça, after the exit of Leo Messi of the club, that from the Bayern do not explain . If before Thomas Müller had aimed that "I have to admit that at present I can not value to the Barcelona. Definitely without Messi will be now another team", now has been the ex general director of the club, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the one who has pronounced in this regard.

In an interview conceded to the newspaper 'ACE', the ex director reviewed the actuality of the club and, between other things, remembered the 2-8 in Lisbon, standing out that "it was a madness. All thought that we were in a dream and went us to wake up sometime. But no", it explained. Rummenigge Added, besides, that "think that never lived and never will go back to live something equal. Our team was in hardship. And this party served him to think that could win the Champions for real. What did Hansi Flick and our team in Lisbon was exceptional".

"I consider a goal in own door have seen forced to largar to Messi by consequences of the fairplay financial"

Next it spoke of the goodbye of 'The Flea' to the Catalan picture. First it stood out that the exit of the two "insignia" of LaLiga, Cristiano and Messi, leaves a big empty in the Spanish competition in "terms of marketing" that will not be able to fill. Likewise, of the Argentinian said that "each one is free to think what want to, but consider a goal in own door have seen forced to largar to Messi by consequences of the fairplay financial".

The critical situation of the Barça

The ex general director of the Bayern also was questioned by the finances of the FC Barcelona, signalling that "we saw it come. When you accumulate so many costs is normal that the accounts do not finish going out, especially after what has supposed the coronavirus for all. The way that faces now is hard, but also correct and necessary. Reduce costs antoja indispensable with more than 1300 million euros of debts. It does not exist alternative. And my good fellow Joan Laporta also knows it.

Likewise, it ensured that it keeps a good relation with the maximum mandator blaugrana. "It is a type sensacional. And better mánager. Already it led the club during his more glorious period with Pep like trainer and can not be more convinced that it also will be able to take out to the Barça of this crisis. His candidature, taking into account the moment by which happens the club, seemed me until brave and noble. It notices that it feels responsibility by his club and wanted to do it cost in these so difficult moments", sentenced.

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