The wall that inflate of Newell's did him to Leo Messi

Like this it was the crack of the Barça

The origins of Messi: " apuraba to see to Antonela"

Published:28/06/2017 - 12:05h

Updated:28/06/2017 - 12:05h

In an interview made by Verónica Brunatti for "Sport", the one who went trainer of Leo Messi in Newell's Enrique Domínguez explains how was the star of the FC Barcelona in his starts, also gives the key of his relation with Antonela Roccuzzo

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Without place to doubts, Leo Messi always agrees of that trainer that directed it in Newell's All Boys just before splitting to Barcelona. Enrique Domínguez is one of the people of the football by which Lio saves more affection, no longer only for being the last trainer in Argentina but also by his form to be and the educations that had with him when it was a boy. The journalist Veronica Brunatti interviewed it in a conversation that helps to know the starts of the star rosarino.

"It is as if still it saw it, menudito, chiquito. Sometimes I remember it stopped to my side, when it listened my indications. It listened a lot. But it went in to the field and was descomunal see it play already then, marked the difference. But I did not teach him at all. He already knew everything. It learnt all alone. One only treated to accompany him. The football is the sum of talent, effort, and luck. He gathered everything, and talent by other. It was called to be the best of all", aims Domínguez.

The same extécnico aims that "Messi was born knowing of football. It is natural in him, is his gift.Have been born with all the foundations of the football in the head. His head went much faster that the ones of the other. Already it had the played in the head before executing it. The parents of the rivals amazed when seeing it. They asked : 'How it can be that this boy do this?' It was an out of series, as now".

And all did it having to receive a treatment of hormones that made as the most normal of the world. "It was impressive when we travelled to see it prepare the injections and puncture the legs. It was very menudito, very skillful, but needed this treatment to grow. All did it with a naturalidad, as if it knew which would be his destination. It was a crazy of the football", aimed.

The most difficult moment when training to Messi

It remembered Enrique the hardest moment of the time in which it trained to the ten of the Barça: "These boys were very accustomed to win. They won always. The day that lost was very difficult, for all they. I gathered them and explained them also was necessary to learn to lose. That no always it wins neither in the football neither in the life. And that the rival had played better that we. And it was necessary to congratulate them. That this defeat had to serve us to learn and to improve. That we would go back it to try. Leo was very hurt. But it finished the talk and wine to give me an embrace. These things had ( him entrecorta the relate because they fall him the tears)".

Also it confessed a secret of Lionel and when was born his love by Antonela: when it still was a boy! "I always asked after me what was so apurado some times to go with Lucas (Leguizamón). Until a father a day warned me. 'Lucas has a premium that calls Antonela. And Leo goes with him to be able to see it'. This Friday will be his woman. And no me odd that have chosen it to her. Speech of as it is he like person, of his humility, of his loyalty. And she seems so simple. They have formed a beautiful family", concluded in this regard.

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