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Luka Romero, 'the new Messi': "It bothers me that they compare me to Leo"

Published:28/07/2020 - 00:06h

Updated:28/07/2020 - 00:06h

Luka Romero, a Mexican of Argentine descent and with a Spanish passport, has been a child since the end of being called the 'new Messi'. The young striker at just 16 years old talked about how he feels about this comparison in an interview.

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The nickname 'the new Messi' has happened of young promise in young promise since the 'crack' of the FC Barcelona​ exploded in LaLiga. The one of Rosario converted of very young in one of the best players of the world and since tries find to somebody that relieve him when it decide to withdraw. Sotiris Ninis Was in his period the 'Messi Greek', the promising Take Kubo is the 'Messi Japanese' and in the Mallorca for many is directly the successor of the '10'.

Luka Romero carries holding from boy that compare him with the star of the Barça. The jovencísimo mediapunta of so alone 15 years was born in Mexico, but his parents are Argentinian and he has also Spanish passport. His family displaced to a village of Córdoba when had only 3 years and to the seven mudaron to Formentera. In the Balearic carries all his life and to the 10 went in in the quarry of the Mallorca, where still follows.

The one of Victory of Durango converted does some weeks in the youngest player in debuting in LaLiga after going out in the second half of the Real Madrid-Mallorca. His height, his quality, his dribbling, the glove that has in the left-handed and his style of game have done that from does years speak of him as 'the new Messi'. Nevertheless, in a recent interview to 'Fox Sports' has recognised that this is something that always has him incomodado.

"It bothers me that they compare me with Messi because Messi there is one only and I want to do me a name in the football like Luka Romero", commented. The Barcelona is an only footballer and compare to any boy or even adult with him always is unfair. Nevertheless, in the case of Romero, his favourite position in the field also helps to that speak of him of this form. "It likes me play of stick. Here in Mallorca play with stick", affirmed.

The one of Rosario also began playing of stick, totally free by the field, but in the professional football went through different positions, between others the right band. In the right-handed side played during a lot of years and turned into the best of the world. Luka Admitted that it likes him play here and that in Mallorca has learnt to use his bad leg. "If I can not play of it stick, by the right band. I improved a lot when I arrived here, I improved a lot the right leg that before did not use it", signalled.

To Luka had liked him play in Quilmes

Finally, the Mexican of Argentinian origin left clear that would love him can follow dressing the albiceleste. Up to now it has played with the inferior of Argentinian and has clear that it is what wants to go on doing. I was born in Mexico but my family is of Argentina. Have the three nationalities, but if they follow me wanting to in Argentina, will follow playing in Argentina". Besides, it cleared that it had loved him can play in some club of there, as for example Quilmes, that is where played his father. "It would like me have trained with some team of Argentinian like Quilmes because here it played my dad", finalised.

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