Javier Mascherano reveals several secrets of the FC Barcelona and Leo Messi

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Mascherano Reveals that Messi has offered him several penaltis

Published:23/03/2016 - 10:18h

Updated:23/03/2016 - 10:18h

The defender of the FC Barcelona Javier Mascherano commented in a recent interview that his mate and fellow Leo Messi has offered him several times kick penaltis to mark his first goal with the Barça, but he has refused them

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Whenever it gives an interview or speech in front of the press or in any one of his colloquia, Javier Mascherano feels chair by his intelligence and mental sharpness. A man that would have to be the authentic reflection for the young footballers that look for to arrive to the elite. A man that never says a higher word that another and that knows very what represents and of where comes. And besides, the "jefecito" always leaves some that another headline.

As the one of this occasion for the program "Líbero" of "TyC Sports", in which it has affirmed that his mate in the FC Barcelona and in the selection of Argentina Leo Messi has offered him in several occasions kick penaltis to achieve his first goal with the Barcelona T-shirt. "Leo has offered it to me several times and obviously said that no. Sincerely no I'm sorry. To me it does not like me force the things and think that does not correspond me. The result does not have to change the obligations that has one inside the field. It will have to patear the one who has to patear", explained.

In the same conversation, "Masche" desgranó the secret of this Barça of Luis Enrique: "The secret is the positioning and the operation. It is not only the quality of the players. The players give you the plus that needs each team, but what really does that a team work is the operation. Work like a structure or a block. There are a lot of teams with big players but that do not finish to work by the fact that his positioning is not the best. To the Barcelona has carried him years and years try it and carry this idea to cape. But it achieved it. And now, the one who comes of outside, together with the people that is does time, do that all flow easier. Some day began. Always it has to have a beginning".

Play in the Barça, all a pride

For the mediocentro Argentinian play in a team like the Catalan is all a pride and a privilege. "Belong to a team like this, with only players and irrepetibles, generates me a lot of pride. I am conscious that we live to a so intense speed, and playing each three days, is impossible to enjoy. It does not give you time. At the end you are always thinking in what it comes and no tenés too many moments for the relaxation. But obviously that there are situations that do not go them to see in any another side. Playing of head office, when I give him a ball to Iniesta and have to open me, and Andrés begins to go for a side and the another, take out one and another of on, see it with the naturalidad that does it, the coolness that does it, are only moments in where you enjoy of what does a mate. Neither speak of Leo, of Luis, of Ney, the same Busquets", had to well stand out.

"Each one chooses how play and how look for the victories. I accept all. But there is one that likes me more than others. There are forms and forms to play. Each one chooses the one who more adapts to his players, but see that in the Argentinian football take more risks of which took before and this is more beneficial for all", continued on the football of the Barça. Later it was asked on Leo Messi and the comparisons, affirms, are not possible with him.

"Leo bred of a way. At the end I Read it is so special, so different, that adapts to anything. When we thought that it did not go to be extreme, went back to be extreme. And it is steering wheel, and is 9, is goleador, is mediapunta, is inner. It is not comparable to at all", commented to finish confirming that it wants to go back to Argentina to withdraw there. "It does a lot that I went me. Every time I seat more the need to live in my country because they are a lot of years and odd. But sincerely I do not know when it will be", it concluded.

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