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The message of De Rossi to the haters of Leo Messi

Published:8/07/2020 - 18:16h

Updated:8/07/2020 - 18:16h

Daniele De Rossi, a former Roma player, spoke about Leo Messi for an Argentine newspaper. The Italian defended Rosario and made it very clear that those who say he has no character do not know what he really is like

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Daniele Of Rossi, legend of the Italian football and of the Rome, spoke with the newspaper 'The Nation' on Leo Messi. The already ex midfield player decided to play in Mouth Juniors before withdrawing and left to the club 'xeneize' the past year, but to beginnings of this 2020 had to go back to Italy by personal reasons. The Roman decided to leave the football and from his retreat has referred to the figure of the '10' barcelonista for this Argentinian newspaper. The ex footballer criticised without doubting it to all those that rajan of the Barcelona by his character.

"If in Italy explain that in Argentina say him pechofrío to Messi, here laugh , do not understand at all. How you go him to say pechofrío to Messi, that has two eggs like this of big!", it said, without biting the tongue and with a smile in the face. But the champion of the world did not remain here and insisted in the criticism to the journalists that write badly of him. "There are people that has the prowess to say him pechofrío to Messi behind a computer, and afterwards neither has the eggs to ask him to his woman the control of the TV to change of channel. And they say him pechofrío to one that marked more than 1000 goals in his life! We go!", it affirmed.

Of Rossi reflexionó about this putting a his example and another of Leo, and arrived to the conclusion that the details mark the difference to the hour to speak of the footballers for well or for bad. "He lost two finals of Glasses America by penal, and I am champion of the world by penal. It looks, he is a pechofrío in Argentina and I am a hero together with my mates for having won the World-wide of the 2006 And which is the difference? 5 centimetres", remembered.

The Italian does not understand that this type of details can mark the career of a player and left clear that does not agree with the deal that a lot of Argentinians give him to Messi. "It can not be, no, I deny me. It would like me that they take into account that many times it is he, the one who loads all the team on his back", signalled. This last is just what would have to remember all those that criticise to the '10', since if it did not go by his football, there is or no marked in decisive meetings, Argentina not even had arrived to the finals to which arrived.

On the other hand, Of Rossi explained his personal experience in the parties that played against the one of Rosario. "Share the field with him is a motivation. Sometimes it darse me that my mates, before the party, looked it with distinct eyes, as of admiration and also to me happened me. I treated of not showing my feelings neither my weakness in front of a so big player. When you take him out the ball to Messi gives you a distinct flavour to if you take them out to him to a donkey any one", explained, between laughs.

Of Rossi remains with Messi before that with Cristiano

Finally, the one of Rome compared to Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo and cleared that he remains with the one of the Barça by his football. "Futbolísticamente There is not at all more than explaining, finish the words. There are others very good, as Ronaldo, that can be comparable from the numbers, the goals and trophies, but afterwards there is a question of pleasure, and to me likes me see to Messi", aimed. Besides, it explained of a very curious form the luck that has had the Argentinian in the Barcelona with his mates.

The Roman praised to his way to all the footballers that have played beside the international albiceleste in the group barcelonista. It thinks that the forward had luck to having coincided with players of the size of Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Dani Alves or Sergio Busquets. "The only fortune that had is that it played in the biggest team of the last 30 years, the Barcelona of Guardiola. Then his mates, without being so good like him, were worthy to be to his side", puntualizó.

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