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Six stories that do even more big the legacy of Maradona

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Diego Armando Maradona has been one of the most important figures of the history of the football, but his legacy goes further of the sport, as it will be always remembered by the quality of human being that was

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Diego Armando Maradona will be remembered for having been a player of technician, speed, character, delivery and a man that did not fear him the pulse to express what thought. In the last hours, after the announcement of his demise to his 60 years, this 25 November, will share some of the anecdotes and vivencias that do even more big the legacy of the 'Lint'.

Maradona Always was a distinct player, of those that did to think that the magic yes existed, as at all it was impossible if he had the balloon. His presentation in the professional football could not be of another way that throwing a pipe; it was exactly the first that made in his first party dressing the elastic of Argentinians Juniors, on 20 October 1976, when Diego still did not fulfil his 16 years. East was his official debut, nevertheless, the ex attacker albiceleste could have it done weeks before, but had been sanctioned after saying him to a referee of third division: "judge, you is a phenomenon, would have to direct international parties".

Maradona Premièred at all more neither at all less than in some Argentinians Juniors-Workshops of Córdoba, a party that remained sealed in the memory of the eternal forward. "I went in by Giacobetti in the second time, with the 16 to the back, with the red T-shirt crusade by a white band. Mountains (the trainer) turned the face to me and nailed me the look, as asking me 'encourage you?' I kept him the look and that was my answer".

"I began with the warming and in the start of the second time went in. Mountains said me: 'Diego, plays like you knows and, if it can, throws a pipe'. I did him case. I received the ball of backs to my marker, that was Juan Sunday Patricio Cabrera, threatened him and threw him the ball between the legs… and immediately listened the 'oooolé' of the people, like a welcome", affirmed Diego.

The exotic adventures of Maradona

Maradona Was one of the best footballers of the world, but also had some very peculiar charges, between them stands out his curious go through Byelorussia, where was president of the Dinamo of Brest, a border city with Poland. After doing of commentator in Venezuela, during the World-wide of Russia 2018, the Argentinian went up to an aeroplane with destination to said country, where was received like a hero: it directed of the airport to the stadium in an Overcomer Hunta, an amphibious tank (able to displace by earth and sea) and received a ring of diamonds. Although his stay in that alone country was of three months, his time in said city worked like talisman so that the team of the city achieved the first League of his history.

On the other hand, a lot before his adventure in the cold Byelorussia, had exerted the charge of sporadic trainer and coach emotional in the CD Riestra, a club of the fifth division of the Argentinian football. His main function was to give constantly talks in the changing room to try motivate them and like this achieve the victories.

On 22 June it is a date that a lot of been mad about by the football have in his memory, since it celebrates the 'Pascua of the Church Maradoniana'. The reason all know them, and is that this day Maradona marked the best goal of the history of the World-wide, in Mexico 86'. "It is the goal that one dreams of pibito, and results that six years before, in one turns with the absolute selection, I had done a played very alike and defined touching it to a side when it went out me the goalkeeper", expresses Diego in his autobiography.

Anecdotes of a God of the football

Another of the so many anecdotes that has left the Argentinian lived during his time in Italy. In January of 1985 Maradona decided to add to a noble cause: a charitable party to raise funds with the aim to pay the operation of the son of a fellow of Pietro Puzzone, mate of the ex forward albiceleste. Ferlaino, president of the Naples, denied the permission to Diego, since club had paid 7 million dollars by him. However, Maradona did not observe the decision of the leader and no only contested a party in which it would mark in duplicate, but it also paid a safe by a value of 12 million pounds.

On the other hand, one of the most uncomfortable moments that lived Maradona was in 2005, when it did of presenter in a channel of television. In this moment wanted to initiate to the big and his first invited was Peeled. The conversation was being very amena, until the ex Brazilian forward decided to ask him something to the Argentinian: "they put somníferos in the drum of Bracho?". This regarding the controversy that aroused in the World-wide of Italy 90', when Argentina and Brazil measured in the quarter-finals; a meeting in which it suspected that the masajistas Argentinian had given him to the Brazilian Bracho water with somnífero, since the footballer played big part of the meeting felt dizzy. "I was not, there was something of this but… I never needed to sleep to anybody to win a party", went the answer of Diego.

Maradona, an inspiration for the literature

Finally, Maradona has served of inspiration for film-makers, musicians and writers. Between them they project names like the one of Emir Kusturica, the one who produced him a documentary in 2008. That would be the first of seven audiovisual productions (six documentaries and a film) that narrate some stages of his life, being the most recent 'Maradona, the happy years' and 'FC Maradona'. Besides, also it has devoted him a sinfín of songs, between them: 'Santa Maradona', hand-held Black; 'Maradona', of Andrés Calamaro; 'The hand of God', of the 'Foal' Rodríguez and 'If I was Maradona' of Manu Chao.

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