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The "eternal "" and beautiful homage of Mascherano to Tito Vilanova

Published:4/05/2016 - 11:02h

Updated:4/05/2016 - 11:15h

The midfield player of the FC Barcelona Javier Mascherano agreed of his ex trainer Tito Vilanova in a tale written for the book solidario "Ball of Paper". A relate moving titled "Eternal" where remembered as it lived these hard days

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There is not better homage that be remembered by your acts and by all the feelings that have been able to generate in the people that surround you and really matter you. Further of titles, of systems futbolísticos and of all what surrounds to the balompié, the best memory that can do him to a so charismatic man and wanted to as it was Tito Vilanova is to remember it by his form to be and by all what did to feel. Something that has done the captain of the FC Barcelona Javier Mascherano.

It did it in a tale that belongs to the book solidario "Ball of Paper", that gathers 24 writings of footballers of Argentina with a social end, as all the collected will be donado to a foundation in Uruguay and to the Argentinian Foundation Himself, devoted to help to the most needed with different problematic. Beside "Masche" other important names like Aimar, Valdano, Cappa or Sampaoli also participated in the book.

But centring us in the writing by the player of Saint Lorenzo, east is a chronicle on as caló the news of the illness of Tito Vilanova inside the plantel Barcelona, although it does not use any name neither does reference to the club. Titled "Eternal", Macherano explains that "the scene develops before the training of the afternoon of one of this clubs bigger of the world. The team of the dreams, in which all want to play. But little they matter now the football, the attainments, the dreams of each one. At all it has sense, except the image of the man stopped in front of his players, that look it petrified, hardly hearing what follows of the news (...)".

From this situation, Mascherano asks different questions as "reason happens him something like this, and just now, to a type that expected by this place all the life?", personificado in a "anonymous player" that is not another that the writer. "It asked me that you did not concern you by him, that estimates you a lot and that go on", comments him in a moment given another character to this "anonymous player".

A moving tale that finalises with a plural of all the footballers devoting him to Tito all the titles achieved, looking to the sky. This person that did respect, want to and by which still today many cry his loss. This man whose name will be eternal. Tito Vilanova.

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