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The 'tweet' that leaves in ridiculous to those who abuse to Hammered

Published:3/10/2017 - 13:05h

Updated:3/10/2017 - 13:56h

Some chants of the Spanish fans that do not want to Gerard Hammered in 'The Red' contradict , and a lot. This is what has put of relief an user, ridiculing through Twitter to those who "do not clear " with the player of the Barça

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The central Catalan of the FC Barcelona, Gerard Hammered, published in the last varied days 'tweets' critical with the Spanish government and in favour of the right to decide of the people that attended to vote peacefully this Sunday in Catalonia.

After the party played by the FC Barcelona against the UD ThePalms , besides, the defender went back to express, this time between tears, his rejection against the police performances by the brutal loads that sucedieron in different places of Catalonia.

All this has cost him a big quantity of criticisms with the Spanish selection, what has caused that the fans of 'The Red' have received him with banners, cries, whistles, chants and a lot of insults to try aplacar even more his state of spirit.

The chants against Hammered confuse, and a lot

The recibimiento to Hammered has been more hostile that never in the concentration of the Spanish selection, until the point that the Civil Guard saw forced to withdraw some banners, as one that said: "I Hammered, I do not want that you go you, I want that they throw you. You are vomitivo".

The most surrealist is that the radical fans did not put of the all of agreement in his chants. "I hammered, cabrón, out of the selection!", they shouted some, whereas others bellowed: "I Hammered, llorón, Spain is your nation!". And, finally, also it shouted him : "Go you to your country!".

From here that the tuitero Víctor Palaces remained to pictures, garbled in front of the contradictory chants to Gerard Hammered. "They shout 'I Hammered, cabrón, Spain is your nation' and 'go you to your country'. To see if they clear because I already lose me, fuck", has written, in a 'tweet' that is receiving thousands of 'likes' and 'retweets' in the known social network.

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