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Who is to blame for Barça's injuries in this break?

Published:27/09/2022 - 20:07h

Updated:27/09/2022 - 20:07h

Barça has been the club most affected by the 'FIFA virus'. Up to 5 footballers suffered some physical inconvenience during the matches with their respective national teams, and the physiotherapist Lluis Puig has analyzed the reasons

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The stop of selections has resulted to be an authentic 'headache' for the FC Barcelona. And it is that during the date FIFA, until 5 footballers of the team directed by Xavi Hernández suffered some type of physical setback, what has left to the club with a series of drops that have lit the 'alarms' in the City Condal. This situation has generated several doubts around the reasons of these injuries, by what the fisioterapeuta Lluís Puig has analysed in 'SPORT' the occurred.

The coordinator of physiotherapy of the Hospital Esperit Sant has desglosado the factors that have been able to incidir in the injuries, clearing the reasons behind the 'cataract' of incovenientes physical. "There is multiple factors. The first is that in his teams have an exhaustive control of the loads of work with entrenos specific and individualizados. These players, when they go with the selections, do trainings more neutral, that take into account fewer factors; that the first point", explained.

Of the same way, Puig ensured that the change of daily routines of the players also has a weight in the physical problems. "The second point is the change of routines. In his clubs desayunan together, there are more sessions of prevention, more sessions of compensatory musculation and a work more individualizado according to the position in which they play", manifested.

By his part, Lluís stood out the personalised work that makes the Barça with his players this season, where have prioritised the prevention to avoid any type of injury. Like this then , Puig remembered the case of Sergi Roberto, to the one who treated with special attention once felt the first small annoyances. Besides, the fisio highlighted that in the clubs works more on a long-term basis, whereas in the selections increases the intensity when existing the urgency of immediate results because of the short time of the windows where contest the points and/or titles.

A key factor

However, there is a fundamental factor that Puig considers key in the physicist of the players, and is the change of role that these live when they happen of the club to the combined national. "There are players that in the team has a role and in the selection another. And this includes his position or his situation in the team. It can happen that the footballer play in a position in the club and in another distinct in the selection. But also that it was headline in his team and in the selection have to win the place. Also that to the not being headline relax a bit in some measures of control that in the club carry more to the day", aseveró.

The cases of Araújo and Koundé

Likewise, the fisioterapeuta pronounced on the situation of Araújo, of the one who thinks that already dragged problems previously. "We speak of a player that lesiona gravely to the 40 seconds. There is a desinserción, this does not produce usually in this time of game. The player had to arrive touched. So that there is a desinserción previously there is one overloads in the aductor. The normal is that there is a previous inflammation", expressed.

"If you fix you in the played, does not occur at all especially brusque. Only a pair of changes of sense. The aductor has gone suffering until at the end it has broken . I do not say that in the Barça were not to the so much, but is not an injury that produce in 40 seconds, this is clear", continued Lluís, that sustained that the numerous injuries suffered by the central would be born due to the fact that "by his fisionomía notices that has a high muscular tone. But there are injuries that is a question of repetition. If we do the same movement 500 times in place of 10 can arrives the injury".

On the other hand, Puig wanted to remember that Koundé went through the operating theatre during the summer. "This summer was operated of the ring inguinal left, has gone incorporating to the rhythm of the competition and surely his body still was not prepared for so much load of work. Besides, they produce two changes: the first, that goes to the selection and surely has to show more. And the second, that is playing a lot of minutes of right side, a position that is not the one of head office, where surely is more demanded", declared.

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