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The young 'cracks' who compete with Pedri and Gavi for the world throne

Published:13/03/2023 - 12:04h

Updated:13/03/2023 - 12:05h

Pedri and Gavi are two of the biggest young stars on the planet, but they are by no means the only players under 22 who are competing to be the next 'crack' in the world. Bellingham, Musiala or Wirtz also fight with them to be 'The Next Big Thing'

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The FC Barcelona has to varied of the best young stars of the world. Pedri, Gavi and Alejandro Balde, indisputable headlines in the picture barcelonista, form part of the elite and go to be probably of the best in his place more than a decade. In the concrete case of the Canarian, in fact, already can be considered 'top 5' world-wide and in the one of the left side by performance also is near of this 'top'.

Ansu Fati Also would have to be in this list, but the canterano has not gone back to be the same from his first injury and right now is far to be between the best 'sub-21' of the planet. It can that inside some months it was necessary to redo this species of 'ránking', but to day of today the one of Guinea-Bissáu can not go in. Other youngsters culés like Ronald Araújo or Jules Koundé, that are of the best of the world, no longer appear for being greater and be more than consecrated in spite of his youth.

But obviously the Barça does not have the monopoly of stars in ciernes and here want to signal to the best of the current panorama. Big 'cracks' world-wide like Erling Haaland, Alphonso Davies Vinicius Jr or Phil Foden have not gone in because they are of the 2000 and will fulfil the 23 this year. However, this 'top' is of a lot of level and Pedri, Balde and Gavi go to have a lot of competition to be the best. This is the list of 'FCBN':

Pedri (20)

The one of Tegueste is from two years ago titularísimo in the Barcelona and in Spain and from the past course can say that it is of the best midfield players of the world. Has vision of game to give and give, much more physicist of the that seems, is a superdotado technical, every time has more goal, is very intelligent tácticamente, is fast when it goes out driving, pipes all the game of his teams... In summary, has all the qualities that needs a mediocampista generacional and goes to be one of the leaders futbolísticos of the next decade.

Gavi (18)

It does not have the magic of Pedri, but with his physicist and personality already is in the elite. Defensivamente And in pressure is of the best that there is, and little by little goes winning weight in the game of possession, something in what it has to follow working to happen to the following level. Technically it is very very gifted, has a lot of strength, does not be used to to lose it hardly ever when it has it controlled and is key in the diagrams of the Barça and of the selection.

Gavi, en el Barça-Manchester United

Balde (19)

The explosion of the carrilero Barcelona has been brutal and has happened to play with the filial to be the best left-handed side of LaLiga and one of the best of Europe this campaign. It is physically a portento, few can win him a career so much with balloon as without him, has a big acceleration, good one against one and is very fine and smart to the hour to centre to the area. In defence still has to improve, but in attack is 'top' and has turned into the big weapon of the FC Barcelona by this side.

Jamal Musiala (20)

The attacker of the Bayern is one of the players more desequilibrantes of the planet and technically is a superdotado. His form to dribble does not have parangón and is able to leave backwards rival in average baldosa thanks to his quality and agility. Besides, although it is not one 'bullet', is fast and has vision of game. Right now it is missing him goal to be candidate to the Balloon of Gold, but if it improves in this appearance goes to be of the best of the world a lot of years.

Jude Bellingham (19)

The young English midfield player is the total midfield player and surely goes to rivalizar with Pedri for being the best in his place. Has a lot of physicist, a powerful driving in career, vision, arrival to the area, dribbling and a lot of technician. It does played of extreme habilidoso being half and this is surely what more stands out of his game. The Borussia Dortmund remains him already small and this summer will go out course to a 'giant'. The Real Madrid 'fight' by him, but the Premier could have the ones to win to carry to this 'out of series'.

Florian Wirtz (19)

The Germany that comes goes to be led by the mentioned Musiala and by Wirtz, the big 'jewel' of the Leverkusen and one of the means with more future that has given the football these last years. His talent is generacional and if the injuries respect him can rivalizar with Pedri or Bellingham for being the best midfield player of the world. Already it is more than recovered of his injury of crusader and carries weeks shining with the Bayer. Has a vision of game descomunal, a lot of class, is powerful in the started and the driving and goes winning 'weight' of face to door. It is a 'out of series' and the natural would be that it went out of the Bundesliga course to a 'giant' sooner that late.

Florian Wirtz en un duelo del Leverkusen

Rodrygo Goes (22)

The Brazilian of the Real Madrid goes in in this list by the 'pelos', and is that although it is of the 2001, fulfilled the 22 at the beginning of January. Although in the Bernabéu is used to to be to the shadow of Vinicius, in the past Champions League conquered by the merengues was decisive with his goals so much in the fourth as in the 'semis'. It is missing him regularity and perhaps more confidence by part of Ancelotti so that pass to the following level, but possesses a lot of football in his boots to arrive far. Has goal, a good shot, technically is 'delicious', has a good change of rhythm, desborde and, in summary, is a very complete attacker able to play in any one of the three positions and hurt in all.

Bukayo Saka (21)

The English also is of the 2001, like Rodrygo, and the same that it is has it everything to be an attacker 'top'. In the Arsenal is surely the greater offensive reference without the up to now lesionado Gabriel Jesus and in England goes it to be a lot of years. It is fast, has good technical, a big left-handed, moves very well without ball and relates especially well with the goal. It does not have the name of the majority of names of this 'ránking', but by performance is as little to the height of almost all.

Josko Gvardiol (21)

Probably the Croat was the central of the World-wide and to his 21 years already is definitely one of the best defenders of the world. Still it plays in the Leipzig and his following step has to be finish in a 'big', but in spite of this has showed that his level is 'top'. Defensivamente Is a wall, is fast in career and to the crossing, agile going to the floor, very strong in the crash and goes well of head. But the quality that more can stand out in him for being defence is his exit of ball. Perhaps it was the best or as little of the three better in this appearance and projects so much 'breaking' in driving, as beating lines with a pass. Has 'trace' of head office of period and a lot has to twist the thing so that it do not finish it being.

Josko Gvardiol en un partido con el Leipzig

Eduardo Camavinga (20)

The French is by conditions a clear applicant to be one of the mediocentros that dominate the world-wide panorama. Although during the first-half of this course his trainer has empeñado in putting him of interior and in this second half has followed suit of left-handed side, is like pivote where the ex of the Rennes marks the difference. Although it still is something 'green' and follows committing some error giving a pass where does not touch, doing a dribbling in a committed zone or going in to destiempo, has it everything to be 'top'. Physically it is a portento, technically also is it, has a special skill to steal balloons and has a good trip so much in short as in long. If it achieves to be more regular and pule his defects goes to be of the best.

Enzo Fernández (22)

The Argentinian is of the 2001 and in the World-wide showed why those that had seen him regularly in the Benfica considered him one of the best mediocentros of Europe. It is very intelligent tácticamente speaking, has a good trip in short and long, good technical and a good shot that turn him into a weapon in the middle distance. It can that it do not have the shine of other means, but does not have a lot that envy them to themajority .

Saliba (21)

The French has conditions to be one of the five better head offices of the world during the next decade. After several successful cessions, in the Arsenal at last have given him the place that deserves and this course is being the leader of the defence of the can that future champion of Premier. It is very high, goes well of head, is fast in long distances and is very agile and intuitive to the hour to steal balloons in the one against one. Besides, technically it is of the best that there is in his place and takes out the ball very well so much in driving beating lines of pressure as in the pass.

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