Arturo Vidal in his presentation with the FC Barcelona


Zamorano Signals the aims of Arturo Vidal in the Barça

Published:6/08/2018 - 16:49h

Updated:6/08/2018 - 17:02h

The way of Arturo Vidal in the FC Barcelona finish to begin, and the Chilean brings very good guarantees. His compatriot Iván Zamorano has underlined his quality, signalling the aims that can fulfil so much to individual level like community

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The adventure of Arturo Vidal in the FC Barcelona began this Sunday, but with his presentation of this Monday, the thing has put serious. The sudamericano has stepped the lawn of the Camp Nou and is smart to go into action , something that also warn some that know it well. His compatriot and ex footballer Iván Zamorano has celebrated his arrival, and is convinced that the Barcelona bet is winning.

"It puts me very happy. Arturo is a big player and a big type. After playing in two big clubs like the Juventus and the Bayern, the Barça is an upper stair, is in the highest beside the Madrid. Besides, he has the dream and the obsession to win the Champions and think that in this coincides with the Barça, with what arrives in the best moment for the two parts", has explained the today commentator in an interview conceded to 'Sportive World'.

In addition to defining him like "polyvalent, technician and strong", also has made a portrait of the characteristics that has, something that knows very well because it knows him since were 17 years old: "it Is a fighter, a warrior. In some parties in addition to the technical quality it is necessary to take out the prowess and the harp to surpass adverse situations and Vidal always gives this plus. Players like this are necessary because to win a Glass of Europe always go through hard moments, of difficulty, of zozobra. And here it is where goes out the best of Arturo Vidal".

"When there are hard moments, of difficulty, is when it goes out the best of Arturo Vidal"

"When Arturo arrived to Italy to world-wide level spoke that the most decisive players were those that did of '10', the Baggio, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho... Since he arrived this finish and began to speak of the importance of the steering wheel of mixed containment, this half powerful that defends but also attacks so much by left as by right and that arrives", has reflexionado.

"Besides, in his case offers a guarantee, does it the same of well of pivote, of interior, of side or of head office. Valverde Can put it where want to that he will do it well. And as I have said, until pita the referee thinks that can do something trascendente, never goes down the arms, is intense to the end", has added, concretising that it could act like spare for Sergio Busquets, for Ivan Rakitic, and even forming triangle with them two to cover the backs to Leo Messi and Luis Suárez.

Zamoran Has referred also to the hot subjects on the one of Santiago, beginning by his controversial character: "If you fix you, in his clubs has not had big problems, his technicians always use it and his mates speak well of him. Almost always it has spoken of this in relation with the selection and on this do not have information as to think. By my experience can say that it is a big human being, a type with values that has gone prospering thanks to his effort and that has arrived to the highest after going out of some difficult surroundings. This has a lot of merit".

Between the questions also has answered on the suspicions by his problems of knee, and has signalled that the midfield player will do all what was in his hand to put in shape: "I know it well and do not know to the detail how is after the last operation of knee, but what say them is that if to put to his best level and to the height that demands the Barcelona has to work 24 hours to the day, goes it to do. It has fulfilled a dream and now that is where wanted does not go to relax neither to sleep, will go to the limit to give back the confidence that have put in him".

Zamorano Does not believe qe Arturo Vidal break with the style of the Barça

In his last assessment, Iván Zamorano has referred to the style of the Barça, a detail that neither thinks that go to be an obtáculo for the recently arrived: "Arturo Vidal plays very well to the football. If you speak of the period of Cruyff or of Guardiola, in which the team was world-wide referent, also there were players that encouraged , that struggled, that were aggressive. My good fellow Stoichkov without going more far, a type with a left-handed very good, a big forward, but with a big plus of aggressiveness. Or what say of Carles Puyol, a footballer all prowess and intensity. Also I agree me in my period of Bakero or Nadal, hard and powerful. His contribution was positive, did not go against the aesthetics, helped to the more virtuosos and they were not bad".

"Another example, Luis Enrique. In the Madrid played of everything by his physicist exuberante, put it in any position and surrendered because it was a machine, went like a shot. And when it was to the Barça the same, went idol thanks to his strength, his ambition, his deployment, his polivalencia, his arrival, his goals. As it look what say him, Vidal is better that Luis Enrique that it already was very good. Arturo has more football and better foot that Luis, and can say it because I played with Luis Enrique in the Madrid. If he was idol for the culés, Vidal also can be it. Arturo can give more", has resolved.

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