Cüneyt Çakir, the referee designated for the Real Madrid-Bayern


Already there is referee for the controversial Madrid-Bayern of Champions

Published:29/04/2018 - 12:30h

Updated:29/04/2018 - 23:33h

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich already know which will be the referee that will direct the meeting of turn of semifinals of Champions League, this next Tuesday in Santiago Bernabéu, after the controversy with the arbitration of the commitment played in Germany

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The season 2017-18 already is coming to an end, and Real Madrid and Bayern Munich will contest this next Tuesday a party that have marked in red in the calendar, the one of the turn of semifinals of the Champions League after the 1-2 of the gone.

Well, from it does some hours already knows who will be the referee commissioned to give justice on the lawn in Santiago Bernabéu, a difficult ballot taking into account that the one of the Tuesday will be a crash of high tension between the two teams, with a Bavarian group that comes 'hot' of the last arbitrations that has suffered against the Real Madrid.

Recently more than a year already saw the faces in chambers, and then were the whites those that happened an eliminatory marked by the equality and by the controversy, since in the Bernabéu the collegiate Victor Kassai expelled of form very debatable to Arturo Vidal by double yellow cardboard, when the repetition left clear that, in the entrance that cost him the second caution, the Chilean midfield player touched balloon.

This was not, however, the most controversial of the decisions that took that night of April Victor Kassai. The referee conceded two goals of Cristiano Ronaldo offside, whereas Casemiro could finish the party when it deserved the expulsion by double caution, with Kassai saving the second cardboard when the Brazilian did a lot of merits to deserve it.

Controversy also in the Bayern-Real Madrid

To all this, the party of gone of the present eliminatory neither remained exento of controversy. The Bayern Munich demanded until three possible penaltis that the referee Björn Kuipers no pitó, although it fits to say that any of them can consider that it was clear. Dani Carvajal, besides, was not admonished when it did a lot of merits for this.

The question is that Çakir will not have an easy party to arbitrate this Tuesday, this is clear. It will have to use the whistle with determination and do the maximum to be just with his decisions. Only like this it will be able to say, at the end of the party, that of "has won the best".

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