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Florentino Pérez shows his face: The future of Messi and Ramos, Mbappé, Cristiano...

Published:20/04/2021 - 08:18h

Updated:20/04/2021 - 08:18h

Florentino Pérez not only spoke about the European Super League in his last interview. The president also opened up about other burning issues such as the renewals of Sergio Ramos and Leo Messi, or the possible signing of Mbappé by Madrid

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In addition to on the Superliga, Florentino Pérez also spoke on other subjects in his interview with Josep Pedrerol in the 'Chiringuito'. The president madridista, between another thing, ensured that it wants to that Leo Messi remain in the FC Barcelona. "It would like me that it remained in the Barça... It is a big player. The phenomenon Madrid-Barça is a luxury that only have here, see it million people. When they joint City and United, for example, does not happen this", aimed.

Also it referred to the future of Zinedine Zidane and to what means the French for the Madrid. For the maximum mandator merengue the technician is the best, although it does not dare to ensure his continuity. "The best trainer that have had. A legend. Has a personality that almost happens him as to me, that does not hold the press conferences. It does not say at all, it is happy... But like him it says, never it knows . For the moment it has agreement in force", affirmed.

On the other hand, it referred to the renewal of Sergio Bouquets, that finishes agreement this summer. "I want him a lot, but we are in a very bad situation. We have to be realistic. Now we are all very bad", said, leaving fall that the central could go out for afterwards matizarlo. "I have not said this. We are thinking in the closing of this season, afterwards will see what happens in which it comes. They can happen a lot of things. We are speaking with a lot of players and many go down the wage voluntarily. Some already have gone down it to him, specifically the two that have gone , Jovic and Odegaard", desveló.

Another of the players on which spoke was Cristiano Ronaldo, to the that many have planted in the group merengue the course that comes. However, Florentino left clear that this no sucederá and that the luso already is history of the Madrid. "Go back Christian? No. Has agreement with the Juventus. But it does not have felt that it go back. I want him a lot, it has given us a lot, but it will not go back", it insisted.

Florentino spoke of the signing of Mbappé

Also they plant in Santiago Bernabéu to Kylian Mbappé, to the that also referred Florentino. "I have not spoken with him... Can ensure him that I have not spoken with him from it does years. Only I know what read in the newspapers. It look, I go with the mask and hear "index card to Mbappé". What answer? Calm... The truth is that it is very good player. The Madrid needs a change. I am not speaking of Mbappé. But we have won a lot of things, have happened a lot of things. It is necessary to move it and in this work am", stood out, leaving fall that the Frenchman is a real option.

Finally, it recognised that the Superliga could save the economic situation of the Barça and that did not cost him at all convince to Joan Laporta so that it joined to the project. "This will help to the Barcelona, that is happening a bad economic situation. It did not cost me at all. Laporta Is wise and understood it. This saves to all, saves to the football. It is not that ones are better or worse, is that the football is happening a very delicate situation. I have not seen it in the 20 years that carry. If we do not do something, will not last a lot. Disappear... It will not be this, but will go down to a level...", it concluded.

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