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Real Madrid becomes offended with the referees to 'cover' their inferiority with Barça

Published:20/03/2023 - 15:51h

Updated:20/03/2023 - 15:51h

Real Madrid is 'selling' through its coach and media related to the club its anger at the refereeing of the Clásico and the arbitration treatment in general. An absurd excuse for not having to face its failures and all the shortcomings that Barça has left in evidence

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The Real Madrid is giving extraneous shame from his just defeat in the Classical against the FC Barcelona. The merengues, that did not deserve win in the Camp Nou, are using the absurd speech, ridiculous and victimista by the very cancelled goal to Marco Asensio that it had given them the triumph. From Carlo Ancelotti, with a press conference sonrojante, until the own club using half affine that are publishing the 'get angry' referee's white.

Excuses and lies of the Madrid to justify the failure

The newspaper 'MARK' ensures this Monday that from the entity have left to believe of the all in the system. As they aim, in Chamartín do not consider that the taking of decisions was "white or black", as it is used to say. For the white leaders, headed by Florentino Pérez, that 'erased' to go to the meeting in the City Condal, everything is "Barcelona or Barcelona" when it touches to take a committed decision.

It seems that from the Madrid use the excuse of the 'case Negreira' to defend his posture of indignation to all the referee's community. As it explains the mentioned newspaper, in the Bernabéu think that from the Technical Committee of Referees follows favouring of form 'watched' to the Barcelona. A history comic, without foundation any, but that from the capital are using for 'cover' his 'shames' and, in passing, not facing and speak of his failure in League in front of the Catalans.

Kessié celebra el 2-1 ante el Madrid

In addition to in 'MARK', the directive has used to 'Real Madrid TV', as of habit, to show this comic anger. In the channel of the club put in doubt the lines of the VAR in the so much cancelled to Asensio, also ask that the 2-1 of Franck Kessié had to be cancelled by previous fault of Lewandowski, and close his absurd list of claims demanding a red to Gavi after a push that gave him without ball to Ceballos in the second time. Empty arguments not to speak of the poor football showed by the Madrilenian group.

Xavi him 'painted the expensive' to Ancelotti

The raw reality for the madridistas is that the Barça painted them the face this past Sunday by enésima time since it arrived Xavi Hernández to the bench of the Camp Nou. Carlo Ancelotti seems to be to years light of the trainer of Terrassa, that is 'portraying him' one and again when both cross . The Italian won in the gone and also in the Supercopa of Spain 2022, but has fallen the double of times, showing besides netamente inferior almost always.

'Carletto' Ensured in room of press that were better that the Barcelona, that deserved win and put in doubt the so much cancelled to Asensio, as if an offside could argue. The despair is such that in Chamartín prefer to put in doubt the lines of the VAR that assume his failures and weaknesses. Besides, it does not be necessary to forget that it does some weeks, in the gone of semifinals of Glass in which his fell 0-1, the ex of the Everton also affirmed that they had been better and had to win in spite of have not thrown at least to goal. A ridiculous speech and of bad loser to avoid recognise that neither he neither the majority of his footballers have been to the height.

Xavi Hernández y Carlo Ancelotti a pie de campo del Santiago Bernabéu

Face that your technician is inferior and that your team plays worse and is less conclusive in the two areas that your rival elder does not have to be easy. However, the only form to change the returns and grow is recognising these shames to learn and improve. In the Madrid opt by 'cry', invent tales on the VAR and the referees and deceive to himself same with such of not to feel less than the picture barcelonista.

Florentino Pérez 'cover' the truth not to assume his errors

Neither it suits him a lot to the whites indagar too much in this failure in LaLiga, since these 'shames' that the FC Barcelona has taken out to relucir no only are of Ancelotti and of the players. Florentino Pérez did not want to fichar a '9' to compete with Karim Benzema, señaladísimo in the Camp Nou and this course in general by his low performance; neither it wanted to fichar a right side headline in spite of the bajísimo level of Dani Carvajal and Lucas Vázquez; and neither it moved for fichar a right extreme in spite of that Marco Asensio does not give the level, Rodrygo is the only revulsivo offensive 'top' of the bench and Fede Valverde is not attacker in spite of that 'Carletto' insist.

The staff merengue is descompensada and has important holes in these three positions, and this is only blames of the club and of his president. Face all this would involve, in addition to blaming to the technician, signal also to himself same, something that in Concha Spine seem not wanting to do. Thus, it results them simpler invent conspiracies that justify the fourth defeat in front of the Barça of the campaign and the definite sentence of this League 22/23 that go to win the culés.

Carvajal, Rüdiger, Lewandowski y Militao en el Clásico

Unfortunately for the maximum mandator of the Madrilenian picture and for his trainer, no all the madridistas are blind and the criticisms are arriving by part of several sectors. A part of the madridismo is fed up of not playing to at all, that from the club do not reinforce as it touches and that his trainer do not take committed decisions to try improve to the team. The ridiculous against the eternal rival are doing a lot of damage yet still neither Florentino neither 'Carletto' assume his part of fault and work to improve.

The Barça of Xavi and Laporta, an example for the Madrid

Although to the Real Madrid and to the madridistas go them to cost, the reality is that the mirror where all would have to look right now is the FC Barcelona. Joan Laporta and Xavi analysed the greater weaknesses of the team in the market of signings of January in 2022 and ficharon the necessary to classify for the Champions League. They arrived Ferran Torres, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Eric García, Adama Traoré and Dani Alves, that were important to attain the aim.

Already in summer, with the aim to compete by all the titles and begin to go back to be the 'giant' of always, club and trainer were of the hand to reinforce the feeblest places of the staff. It arrived Lewandowski to be the big star and the goleador that needed after the exit of Leo Messi; also fichó to an extreme like Raphinha to have more speed, game by band and goal; they landed for 'armour' of the all the centre of the defence Jules Koundé, one of the best head offices of Europe, and Andreas Christensen, defender of level that arrived to cost zero; also fichó to a polyvalent left-handed side like Marcos Alonso, that now is more central; it arrived also Franck Kessié to have more profiles and give him depth to the midfield; and finally it incorporated to Pablo Tower thinking more in the future.

Laporta con Lewandowski en su presentación con el Barça

The signings of the Barcelona were analysed in depth and arrived to cover structural needs that went to allow grow like team. In spite of the 'KO' in Champions League and Europe League, has showed that the work made in summer was almost perfect, since almost all the signings are being important in elder or lower measure. LaLiga Is in the pocket, the final of Glass of the King is to 'shot' and the Supercopa of Spain is already in the vitrinas of the Camp Nou. Laporta is teaching him To Florentino the way, but is for seeing that the president madridista want to see it.

Xavi and Laporta 'portray' to Ancelotti and Florentino

Xavi, by his part, also has left him clear to Ancelotti what do to reconstruct a team and carry him little by little to the highest. The technician of Terrassa has not had problems in taking controversial decisions as 'seat' to Jordi Alba to bet of the all by Alejandro Balde that has turned into the best left-handed side of LaLiga. Besides, neither it has doubted if it has had to change the system or the roles of the most veteran if it is to improve.

By against, Ancelotti keeps in his 'thirteen' with Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, that keep on being indisputable for him in spite of that in the majority of parties in which they have played together have not given the level and have done that the team resienta. The Italian prefers 'move' to Fede Valverde to the right band, commanding to the bench in each important duel to Rodrygo, with such of not having to 'seat' to the two 'holy cows'. Neither it finish to bet for example by Álvaro Rodríguez, promising '9' of the Castilla not to remove him minutes to Benzema. The Madrid needs to advance to grow like team, but 'Carletto' does not seem to want to see it.

Ancelotti habla con Modric con Kroos al lado

Neither it wants to it see Florentino Pérez, that renewed in his moment to Carvajal and Lucas Vázquez not to have to concern of the right side. Since, the two have showed that here there is a 'black hole' of the that took advantage of Balde this Sunday. The own carrilero culé also took advantage of of the fault of danger of the Madrid in attack in this side, something that the club would solve fichando a pure extreme that resists to bring. In the forward neither arrives a '9' of level that allow to rest to a Benzema 'melted'. It seems a dejación of functions in all rule, all the contrary to what happens in the City Condal with 'Jan'.

The Barça grows while the Madrid sinks

It is necessary to say, clear is, that for the Barça is perfect that in the capital are more centred in referee's tales that in reinforcing to the team and take important decisions. While this follow like this, the picture blaugrana goes to be followed winning and improving increasingly. The antidote to this is in hands of the Real Madrid, but seen the seen gives the feeling that they prefer to throw it by the drain and be missing to the truth while in Barcelona go back to celebrate titles.

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