Sergio Bouquets in a party with the Real Madrid


Sergio Bouquets insinuates that the Champions of the Madrid costs more than the doublet of the Barça

Published:30/04/2018 - 15:44h

Updated:30/04/2018 - 18:29h

Sergio Bouquets was in press conference to speak of the Madrid, but has touched him answer by the Barça, and although it has tried esquivar the controversies, has left some peculiar comment. The Andalusian has insinuated that win the Champions could surpass to the doublet

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FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have histories crossed, and the discussions that causes his rivalry are eternal. In case it was little, when one goes up, the another low, and the crosses of words between victorious and won always turn into leading. This Monday has touched him be it to a white referent, Sergio Bouquets.

The captain 'merengue' has appeared in press conference with reason of the turn of semifinals of the Champions, in which the group of the capital will have to keep his advantage in front of the Bayern of Munich. Between the questions, obviously, have colado some questions on the successes of the rival maximum, and to the sevillano have put him in a tighten.

When they have done him compare the seasons of both teams, the one of Beds has tried to remain well with all, but has not achieved it. "The Barça has done a big year, have won two titles, win the Glass has merit and the League even more. Win the Champions has this plus that equivale to these two or even more, for me would be two seasons grandísimas, his and ours", has answered the central.

Perhaps because it knows that in Santiago Bernabéu would not forgive him that it did not leave to the Madrid above the Barça, the defender has insinuated that win the 'orejona' would be a greater attainment that the doublet. Europe is a lunar in the Barcelona path, but is clear that the campaign madridista is not being memorable. An effort on the horn and some controversial referee's decisions can it maquillar, although they still remain two parties more.

Sergio elusive Bouquets the corridor to the Barça

Another subject that also has tackled Sergio Bouquets is the one of the possible corridor of the Real Madrid to the FC Barcelona, something that, in order of the 'boss', has gone back to deny. After it does weeks Zinedine Zidane sentenced that it was his decision not to do it, the paper of the players has been simpler. 

"What says Zizou goes to mass. we are giving Him Too stir. They have the title, that is what wanted. It does not go to have corridor that's that. That they enjoy the title and we to the ours, to delete to the Germans and to play another final", has insisted, escudándose in that it is decision of the míster and that all go him to support.

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